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My motto in life is who dares, wins.

Hello my name is Orlando Villarreal

About me

My mission is
develop & design & educate on building websites

My mission is to develop, design and educate on building websites.

I design and build websites and apps, and I stay up to date on the latest trends to give the customer an increase in ROI.

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Wordpress Development
Responsive Web Development / Design
Email Marketing Automation
Javascript / JQuery
Director of Web and Application Development


October 2018 - Present

Responsibilities include project management and developing custom websites built on Wordpress. QA manager for website bug testing, website optimization involving A/B testing, load speed testing Digital SEO / Marketing Strategist that helped optimize and create a bigger web foot print for clients and helped move their companies achieve top 3 in search rankings. Lead Integration Strategy and CRM Marketing Campaigns in Salesforce / Hubspot / Marketo / Pardot Point of Contact for Optimization Research to help client websites load speed decrease from 3 to < 1.5 seconds.

Austin Code Academy

Wordpress / Design Instructor and Curriculum Creator

December 2017 - Present

I currently am helping teach the track for people who are wanting to learn and develop websites built on Wordpress. Students will also learn the importance of Email Marketing, and SEO analytics and development. Teaching the UX design course to teach students clean and up to date knowledge on fluent design and design standards.

Resume (Cont.)
Bowtie Finance

UI Developer

January 2017 - Present

Designing Web Application with sketch and Adobe Creative Suite Building Responsive UI/ UX on SASS \ LESS Building Websites which work on the Grid system

Skunkworx Labs

Front End Web Developer

Feburary 2016 - Present

Building custom built enterprise software using a variety of javascript frameworks i.e. dojo / ReactJS Build and troubleshoot Apps built in xCode for iOS platforms Designing and building enterprise software for internal and customer facing systems. Proper use of Github and Agile project management.

What I Do

I like to design websites and build ideas

Lets Talk

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