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Apple…2 Steps Forward…1 Step Back

Apple has always been a company about pressing forward, creating the all in one Mac, changing the music industry with the iPod series, followed by the iPhone which disrupted the phone industry. To Apple it was always about creating innovation but not so much nowadays. Nowadays Apple’s marketing and design...

October 30, 2021

My Thoughts on Apples Spring Loaded Event

With another spring we get another Apple event. This time its called “Spring Loaded” which they had on 4/20…which they totally should of called it “Spring Baked” but I digress, this is one of Apples few conferences this year where they show off their new products coming out within that...

April 25, 2021
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Book Review: Leading Creative Teams

What makes a creative lead? Is it someone who understands design? Someone who knows how to fake it till they make it? What turns a creative into a creative director? Is it something people have versus what others might not have? Due to my background, I have been on Creative...

November 19, 2020
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Review: Python Crash Course

The Python Crash Course book is essentially a bootcamp put into a book. This is a very lengthy book, it isn’t something you can do overnight but is something that can take weeks and weeks because there is a lot to cover. It goes from not knowing code to building...

October 19, 2020

Working From Home – Part 1 – Getting Adjusted

Over the past week, due to the virus outbreak currently happening, a lot of companies are moving from in-office to full remote for their workers. I have had a few friends ask me how I got adjusted with working from home without getting insanely bored or distracted. Hopefully this will...

March 22, 2020
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Review: Trailhead GO

With Dreamforce going on, Salesforce dropped something that many had hoped for, for a long time. They have released Trailhead GO, which shifts the entire desktop experience to mobile. Since it was released I have spent the last few days diving into it, here are my initial impressions....

November 21, 2019

Make It Hollywood: ALIEN OBLIVION

To celebrate Halloween this year, I decided to share an idea I had for the next Alien film, especially since it may or may not be happening since now Disney owns the entire Alien Universe. So everyone who knows me knows I am a movie person. I love going to...

October 31, 2019
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Building A Healthy Coding Lifestyle

You get hired by a company. They supply endless snacks, drinks and you have to become a coding machine so you find yourself never leaving your desk, constantly chugging down energy drinks and snacking . We as developers can fall into this snackhole trap where we never leave our chair...

August 12, 2019
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Relaunched 2.0

I always believe that a website is never done, when we launch a website we have to think about where it could go next and understand that the audience will evolve further. It was over the last 2 years that I had been studying my audience through data analytics and...

June 3, 2019
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Folding The Future

With the Mobile World Congress convention in full swing the past weekend, there was a lot of phones that are becoming foldable. Now I have been asked by quite a number of people “What do you think of those foldable phones?” Well let me break it down with what I...

February 26, 2019

My Top 10 Favorite Romantic Films (So Far)

Since my Halloween movies were such a big hit, I decided with Valentines being today, I decided I would do a top 10 on my favorite romantic films. Yes romantic films, these won’t just be your typical lover gets the person but more of a different kind of idea of...

February 14, 2019
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Review: Smashing Book 6

So as I said in my new years resolutions I am going to try to review more books.  Let’s start with probably the last physical book I bought from Smashing Magazine. The Smashing Book 6. Synopsis: The Smashing Book series has always been one of my go to resources in...

February 7, 2019

My Goals for 2019

With every new year, comes new goals, I decided to write a blog about what I hope to accomplish for 2019…these aren’t the usual goals like buying a house or buying something but other type of goals that are more in line with lifestyle changes. 1. Collect All My Health...

January 7, 2019

Freelancing: A Counterpoint

Recently I read an article that was making the rounds on social media by the website “Fast Company”. It is about how Millennials have decided to move over to freelancing. Well I took a problem with this. Its not just because I have some disagreements with the article but from...

December 30, 2018

Perfectly Balanced As All Things Should Be

With another year comes a new set of experiences, with some trials and tribulations of course. I think 2018 can be summed in an idea or more of a simple word with different meanings and that is Wealth. Not material wealth but more along the lines of growth in terms...

December 16, 2018

My Top 10 Favorite Horror Films(So Far)

With it being October, horror films are some of my favorite in cinema history. Horror movies have the most sub genres of any movie genre, you have monster, sci fi, slasher, low budget thriller. In this list I am going to talk about the 10 horror films that are always...

October 23, 2018