Website Focus: MSNBC

So at least once a week I will try to focus on a website that catches my eye. This week is the revamped MSNBC website, now if you remember the old one, it was kind of like the yahoo of the new 3 big news websites. It wasn’t clear, it wasn’t fun to look at, I found it quite ugly, and very confusing. That has definitely changed cause MSNBC revamped it a while ago. It is now a very beautiful and very responsive website.

Now for those of you who are die hard coders, the website is built off drupal and uses the angular framework. While using some Jquery scripts to add to the beautifulness of it all. When you first enter the website you will be greeted with the main content which is housed in the left column and as you scroll down, the right column shows you the top 10 newest stories with any stories attached with a video with a big blue watch button. And as you continue to scroll you will see a few of the shows that MSNBC shows. (People have told me that they think the shows change depending on whats on air at that moment don’t know if thats true…) Anyway, what I find great about this new overhaul is the fact that its simple to navigate and gets to the point, it has the top nav seperated into 4 sections.

Section 1 is basically the keywords and the latest issues and links to any articles or stories containing those keywords, then section 2 is all the shows neatly placed by popularity. Section 3 and 4 are the social parts of the website allowing users to join in and speak their mind…or troll…whatever you want. And there is a fifth section and thats the search bar…but thats always gonna be there…moving forward.

Now what is interesting about the new video pages, is if you remember the video pages use to pop out at you but this time they embedded the video into the top of each of the page and kept the original organization of each of the pages.  And as you scroll down you can see that we still keep the 70 percent main content layout at all times with a 30 percent for the sidebar.

Now this is definitely a huge upgrade from the original website that was a giant pain in the butt to get around. Also this new website IS MOBILE RESPONSIVE! WOOP WOOP! So you can view it at your own pleasure now. Also I will say I have tested this on multiple devices using multiple browsers and it works across all of them.