Tech Gone Bad

Sorry for being MIA fellow coders. Just for the past week I have been having a problem with my technology. Over the weekend, I recently had a issue with my nokia lumia 1020. For some odd reason, my phone was eating my data plan, and by eating my data plan, I ate through a gig and a half of data in a day. So in all things windows phone, AT&T had no idea what was causing it, so I just went to the replacement and now it works perfectly fine…so my belief is faulty antenna cause when you are on Wi-Fi 90 percent of the day it can make you question your tech.


In addition, my tablet screen failed again for the third time…so while at best buy the tech team they said due to their lemon policy they were able to just switch it out for a surface pro…and all I got to say is this surface tablet totally destroys my old tablet which was a samsung ATVI smart PC…definitely didn’t like the screen failure.


Anyways sorry for the MIA status but I will try to get you all some coding stuff this weekend…