One Week With Surface Pro

SavedPicture-2014430192358.jpg So recently I have been able to snag my hands with a surface pro. And if anyone tells you otherwise, first impressions mean a lot. The surface pro is a lot heavier than my last tablet the ATIV smart PC. But on the other hand, this thing is powerful, packing 4 gigs of ram and a duel core i5 processor and a 128 solid state hard drive this thing is fast. Not to mention the screen on this thing is crazy, its resolution clocks in at 1920 x 1080. ¬† Currently I was able to install, hearthstone which runs gloriously, photoshop, dreamweaver, and visual studio for development purposes. And so far this tablet can take the stress with stride. I haven’t experienced any lag or crash issues with the surface pro. I am very impressed with how much power is packed into this tablet. If you are looking for a tablet that does more than open a single app and allows you to create content I would suggest you look into a surface pro. SavedPicture-2014430192411.jpg That being said, it does sound like I am praising this thing hard core, but there are a few downsides to this tablet. Since this tablet is basically a ultrabook packed into a tablet form factor, its battery life clocks in at around 4-6 hours MAX. ¬†Also I have noticed a issue with mine where the auto brightness doesn’t work and I have to set it to manual brightness otherwise it constantly stays dark. Another problem that is very cumbersome is the fact that the accessories are insanely priced. Now the smart keyboard I bought which isn’t the touchbased one but more of the clickable keys, it clocks in at around 129 dollars. Now if you want another power cord, thats another 79 dollars, and any of the video inputs are between 20 to 50 dollars. So this can definitely start pounding the money into the high levels when it comes to this tablet. Now who should buy this tablet? if you are looking for a tablet that does more than let you use basic apps and if you want to create your own content. The accessories and battery life might deter you but if not, I would highly suggest you get this tablet cause it does everything I need to do as a developer and allows me to use it as a tablet too. Not to mention the gorgeous screen makes movies and reading appear utterly beautiful.