Why I Love Conventions


RTX, SXSW, Comic Con Austin, the reason why I love these conventions more than anything else is due to the atmosphere and the people. The many people that go to these conventions are there cause they want to be. It always amazes me how you can just start talking to anyone and strike up a convention about all things geek. I will always get asked to go to concerts, or parties, but where I feel at home is these many conventions that happen in Austin.

When I go to a convention, it is always nice due to the fact that everyone at these conventions share the same ideas and interests as everyone else. There were many times at SXSW, where I would meet someone from another country and they would share their technical insights about what is going over on the other side of the world. There were many times where I would just be sitting at one of the many tables drinking a cup of coffee and writing and uploading photos and I would have someone else join me. And they would strike up a conversation.

Now that kind of atmosphere is something I enjoy, the press, the cosplay, the attendees, the exhibitors. All of these people help create a atmosphere of acceptance for when I attend them. I always feel more at home each time I go. I still haven’t had a bad experience yet…unless you count cold weather as “Bad” but I wouldn’t really say it was bad. it was the people that made it very much what I enjoy. Another one of my favorite moments was going to a coder meet up during one of the conferences and just talking with nothing but coders on how they learned to develop and what language they like using.

A few of the conventions I do want to go to in my future, cause I mainly go to conventions located in Texas, but I have missed out on QuakeCon and I want to go to BlizzCon. And of course E3, cause who wouldn’t want to go to E3. Yes its only for press, but still why not go.


So what about my readers, do you like going to conventions? If so…what are your likes or even dislikes about conventions.