It Was Time For A Vacation

Sorry for being away for a while. I have been on vacation helping a friend out exploring austin and trying out all the difference places austin has to offer. Well anyway…here are some of the instagrams I took from my travel around Austin and some of the usual sights you got to see from zilker to town lake to UT.

I highly suggest that every programmer takes a vacation and definitely take the time to recharge. Especially in a park cause it was very nice to chill in a park and get snow cones. Also get sushi, cause its sushi. Even though I didn’t really travel anywhere, the few days off definitely helped me come back refocused and recharged. As well as having someone to travel around with was fun. Just incase you are wondering, the spots we did visit were Zilker Park, the long center, downtown austin, the capitol and of course UT austin. The funny thing about this vacation was that it was very much on and off with the rain. It would start, stop, then it would start again but it was fun.