If Your Website Breaks…Stay Calm

Eventually every developer runs into the good old fashion website breaking. A sql table goes missing, a php file gets deleted. Or in my personal favorite moment, you leave a open brackets, parenthesis, quote, etc etc and it causes the entire page to not load right.

Never be afraid of breaking your website cause sooner or later its gonna happen. I always find the best way to fix websites is by breaking them on a demo site. There is always a solution to everything and on the internet there is always a answer to every problem you will come across. I have always found answers to the most insane things, such as the php back end, error connecting to database.

I always get asked about “what if my website breaks” or “what if the app I am building breaks” so what, let it break. Cause every problem you solve nets you more experience for the next problem. Living and learning are the name of the game and thats how its gotta be.

Its definitely one of those things that every developer runs into and the biggest thing to do is don’t panic, always have back ups and always remember the undo key. Trust me it helps.