Where Have I Been? OH Yeah Destiny!


Just incase you have been missing me for the last week, just FYI to everyone that didn’t know, the beta test for Destiny came out a day earlier like on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, and so far it has sucked away my life. I am surprised at how much I am enjoying this game. Most games that have mega hype behind them…like for example Diablo 3 everyone said I was going to “love this game” got about a few others in and then went back to playing other games. Same thing happened with World of Warcraft, everyone said it was the best MMO ever…and I got it played for a few hours and went back to other games.

I think the reason why Destiny is so appealing to me is cause it is basically a science fiction first person shooter version of Diablo with Borderlands, Halo, Mass Effect, and other great games that I love. A few of the things that I do enjoy are those random events that have start happening on the maps and then other teams come in to help. There is a very much focused community and cooperation aspect that definitely makes Destiny a great game.

Imagine┬áseeing this enemy drop a giant super tank, and now imagine you and some friends join up with another team to take it down and then fight together to take this thing out. Yeah this happens many times in many different ways and I just definitely find it very enjoyable. If you get a chance to play Destiny, I suggest you do but I will try to write more so I can talk more code soon…but until then DESTINY!