Tools of the Trade: Javascript and Jquery by Jon Duckett



I have found that most development books are rather boring and written in a way that makes programming very hard to comprehend. Jon Duckett wrote a book that, in my mind, is one of the best programming books I have ever read. He approaches programming and teaching Javascript and JQuery in a very concise, clear and eloquent way. Another thing that stands out about his book is how beautifully done it is. Every time something needs to be explained, it is done in such a simplified manner that breaks down programming in a landmark fashion. Another factor that separates Duckett’s book from the rest is how visual it is; gone is the endless amounts of texts and examples that usually go hand in hand in learning programming, Duckett adds informational graphics that (especially for a beginner programmer) make it much easier to visualize each individual step of the coding process.

I know a lot of you are wondering if is it more than just pretty pictures? Thankfully yes, the information and everything in this book is extremely up to date with all forms of Javascript and JQuery. I have found myself going through his book because I was interested in seeing how the information and teachings were presented to his audience; at the very least, I was hoping for a refresher course on programming but was intrigued by the chance of learning something new. I know I have shown off some tools in the past but recently, this has got to be one of my favorite recently released programming books. I have bought both in Duckett’s series, the first one being HTML and CSS while his second features JQuery and Javascript. I look forward to the next installment by Jon Duckett, because whatever he makes next, I know that they will be great teaching tools that I will recommend to anyone who is interested in programming, beginner or not.


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