My Impressions on Windows 10 Technical Preview


Recently, Microsoft has previewed a new version of Windows (which skips a number and isn’t Windows 9 like everyone thought) called Windows 10.

After getting some hands-on play time with windows 10, I’ve noticed this is definitely what windows 8.1 should have been; it should have been the best of both worlds. Now let me be straight up, the technical preview is not the full version of Windows 10. There is still a lot missing and bugs here and there that the company is sorting out.

That being said, the future of Microsoft is definitely a bright one. It brings back the Start Menu that everyone missed however, it also combines elements from Windows 8 like the Live Tiles. In addition, you can now re-size the tiles so if you don’t have a touch screen it won’t take up the entire screen. Instead, it is now sectioned off as a regular program. The new Start Menu can be tailored to you by using the Live Tiles, like having the Netflix app, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Calendar and any other of your favorite applications.

A few of the cool features that could be coming to windows 10, from the hints that were dropped the other day, include a smart Start Menu. For example, if you are on a Surface Pro with a keyboard and mouse connected, it acts like Windows 10. However, if you’re using it as a tablet it goes to Windows 8 tile overlay which, I think, providing people with that option is a very cool idea.

I have been getting asked by people “I hate Windows 8, should I install the technical preview?” I wouldn’t suggest using this as your main OS because it is a very early build; there is still a ton of work to be done and kinks to work out. For instance, I experienced many strange things happening in terms of bugs, on and off load times, and slow downs. This is not an OS that is ready for the public which is why its called a “technical preview”.

This could very much be what everyone has been waiting for (and this is what I was hoping the Windows 8.1 update would be). So here’s to hoping that Microsoft can deliver what everyone wants and bring this new OS out fast and on time.