Why I Learned Video Editing


Once in a while, I have to learn something new…well what am I talking about…I have to learn something new all the time but the big reason I decided to take 2 semesters of video editing is because little does anyone know is that it is becoming a bigger deal nowadays.

With the advent of vine, youtube, instagram video, and phones having the ability to record very high quality video. Learning After Effects and Premiere and not to mention Final Cut are tools you definitely want to learn. Many job interviews I had, asked me if I knew how to edit Youtube videos. The reason why these job places were asking is cause some places do see Web Development as everything to do on the entire web itself. But instead of saying “psh I ain’t learning that” I decided to take a year learning video editing and learning how to use a editing bay to my advantage.

Video Editing was definitely one of the best times I had learning a new program cause video editing is just pure fun. I highly suggest everyone learning how to do simple video editing cause if you work for a company that is big with social media and wanting to make videos, you could definitely take advantage of the skills in video editing and apply them to your job.

Honestly when you learn how to use a video editing program, most of them play off each other and basically work the same. You will see that most programs just move stuff around and thats mainly it, the key features you will need are all there across most of the platforms, and learning how to apply special effects, fixing the timing on audio or clearing up and splicing together multiple segments of film are very easy nowadays especially with a lot of stuff being digitial. Not to mention you will save yourself a headache when someone sends you a massive video file and you render it to the proper video format.

If you do decide to learn some new video editing, I highly suggest just picking up a book and just playing with real video editing programs or taking a class at a art college or community college, it will be very valuable.