The Importance Of Having A Linkedin

I often get asked what is Linkedin? And how is it important to me? Well if you are in a technology industry, I find Linkedin as a very very valuable tool that can help getting jobs and even getting your professional career and talents known.

It use to be that if someone supplied someone else with a resume that you would have to take their word for it, or in most cases you call their references and see if they are who they are. But due to the fact that we live in a digital age and can find someones information and work history at no problem at all. I would say make your professional experience easy to find and your private life harder to find.

For a few of the past jobs I have been at, or even got interviewed for a long long time ago. It was because I had my Linkedin attached to my website, it gave my past co workers and jobs a chance to talk about me and help spread the word about what I have seen and done. Being able to put your skills and skillset up front instead of just on a paper is very much what Linkdin is all about. When a group of your past peers and colleagues endorse your skills in a job that you want, it can very well help any employer figure out who they want to hire. It also helps when you realize that people you have worked with, are connected to your future careers and they put in a good word for you.

Trust me when I say this, do not burn bridges, do not create problems for yourself cause it will have a big effect on your future. Everyone knows everyone somehow and is connected in multitude of ways. Here’s a example, one of my favorite professors in college was close friends with one of my clients, I can’t say who the client is but it was definitely something that caught me off guard.

Probably one of the best tips I could give you with using Linkedin is only add people who are actually work related to you. Use this social network as the professional social network, do not add people you only go to the club with. I would even say to not add just people who are your friends but only people you have worked with. The best way I can describe Linkedin is use it as a professional only network. Post stuff that is related to your work and keep your best skills at the top. Also when someone endorses your skills be sure to endorse their skills but do it honestly, and don’t lie about it. Also when you write a recommendation, actually write a great one that doesn’t sound like you just simply wrote it on a whim.

I’m just saying, use this social network as a means of business…plus considering a lot of places use Linkedin as a resume connector. I say use it…especially those one click submits on indeed really help speed things along.