Windows 10 Conference Impressions

This past week, Microsoft held a conference to show off the future of their flagship product Windows. Windows 10 is the successor to the misstep that was windows 8. Even with the “better” version of windows 8 dubbed Windows 8.1, many people still couldn’t get use to the idea that windows 8.1  tried to build on. Aka the tile interface, people wanted the start menu back. Microsoft has listened to the many developers and users through their insider program, and with the first build of Windows 10 that was released and the impressions were good. Now that a while has pasted and Microsoft has been listening and listening to everyone’s input, well they showed off their next build of Windows 10.

Overall my impressions of Windows 10 was that Microsoft is moving in the right direction. Probably one of my favorite features was tablet/desktop modes. Cause I do have a surface pro and I do use it as a desktop at times and having a start menu would make things easier. With having this mode, this will definitely fix the the desktop issue with the many users hating the start menu on a desktop or vice versa. Probably one of the most interesting things I have realized from this, is they want to have that double experience in all of their systems, they showed how windows 10 will be on the tiny 7 inch tablets but also even the 12 inch tablets.

I could comment on the Xbox integration and game streaming system they are using…but I will comment on that more when I get my hands on it. Now something that definitely caught me off guard was the digital assistant of Cortana being inputted into Windows 10 and being used to keep track of everything for you. I know she has been really helpful, especially in keeping appointments on my phone, and learning new things. But I wonder how people will feel with something scanning your systems and impeding on their privacy. This will be something to pay attention to.

Now probably the biggest WTF was when Microsoft showed off the “Windows Hub”. This a huge 4K multi touch conference room TV, now what is really the purpose of this? Well more for the big corporate people who need something to use. Now one thing that I think could have made the Hub a better idea is if it could connect to a touch screen TV and just use a software or another mode of windows that could be connected from any windows tablet…but I don’t think a official price has been rolled out just yet…but when it does I am sure its going to be pricy. Another thing Microsoft showed off was the “Hololens” which is basically a more powerful version of google glass, it uses full augmented reality. I wouldn’t say you are going to be seeing everything as Tony Stark does but it will be interesting to see how businesses use this technology in the coming years ahead.

Overall this is definitely a push in the right direction, Microsoft is listening to its users and creating a Windows 10 that everyone will love and enjoy. I will have to get my hands on the newest build and craft a full impressions piece but everything is showing a lot of promise.