SXSW: The Many Kinds of Coders


If you have been wondering where I have been over the past weeks. Well I have been involved heavily with South by Southwest or SXSW. Probably one of my favorite moments was going to a HTML 5 meet up and meeting the many different kinds of coders out there. And by a lot I mean a WHOLE LOT. The many different kinds of coders I met and sitting down with them exchanging ideas and how we code and what we code with is a entire conversation all unto itself.

Now one thing that definitely stood out to me is how different everyone was and the tools we used. I met a fellow coder who built websites using coldfusion and god knows I can’t build a website using coldfusion. Then I met another developer that used SASS and grunt and that is not something I use. Then I met someone else who built facebook apps, yeah the apps that you use with your facebook pages, thats what they would build.

As you can see I just named off just a few developers, and each of them has a vast array of different skill sets and ways of tactical problems.  I know a lot of people get discouraged that they don’t know everything. Well to be the truth you can be good at everything and understand coding but you can be great at one skill or area of the web. Like some of those coders did not understand wordpress, or building templates or plugins but thats what I understand but I don’t know anything about coldfusion or using Grunt.

I would highly advise anyone who is a developer to go to a meet up, and definitely learn about how other people code and develop a website. It is definitely something that will blow your mind.  Well I just wanted to share my small little adventure that I had at SXSW.