The Glory Of Cache Refresh

Probably one of the biggest things that I always get asked is “I made changes to my website why aren’t they showing up?” Well the easiest way to answer this question is your browser caching your website. Now I know what you are thinking “WTF is caching?” Well caching is when you visit a website, your browser will actually save the webpage so when you go back to it, it loads in a second or two and not 5.

Now how do we fix this issue? Well with most browsers its simply shift+control(or command if your on a mac)+R, in most cases this will clear your browser and personally I use this more often then not when I am building a webpage cause I need to see the changes on a good refresh.

I have actually disabled the cache but it has actually caused problems with the browsers that I have run. And its just become a habit to just do my usually shift control R.

Anyways so in closing if you are ever wondering why your changes are not showing up on your blog or web store it could be because you need to cache refresh.