Website Focus: Fearless Captivations

Ask anyone who has been writing for a blog or website for sometime, and they will get to a point where they want to make it over. New trends emerge, new design ideas, and new standards. Anyone who plans on remaking or even looking for a good redesign will tell you it is not an easy task. Especially when you have an idea in your head that you want to bring out but can’t quite find something that sticks. A fellow blogger I follow and came to know through a mutual friend, who I had the honor of meeting over dinner at SXSW told me that she would be remaking and getting her website completely overhauled and of course that got me kind of excited. The relaunch finally came to be this week and I just had to interview this blogger and ask her about her new website. Who is this fellow blogger you ask? She is none other than Anita Cheung.

Just incase you have no idea who Anita is, she is a lifestyle blogger who runs Fearless Captivations. Now I bet you are wondering “why this lifestyle blog?” Well a good redesign can make or break your website and Anita definitely picked a solid choice of a website. Most lifestyle blogs that I have read have always lost my eye cause the job of a lifestyle blogger to me is to make me want to travel, eat, and go live a LIFE! Many times a lifestyle blog will be slammed with ads, won’t be easy to read but this website definitely stood out to me when I first saw it. Now Anita was so kind to allow me to send her over some questions about her website make over and she was more than happy to answer them. Fearless-Captivations

1. What prompted you to do a redesign? 
I’ve been blogging for a long time (since 2008!) and I’ve always used templates or templates with minor tweaks. I wanted a graphic design and blog layout that was uniquely mine. After having the last design for a few years, I wanted a fresh look and layouts that were easy to navigate.
2. What kind of design were you looking for?
I wanted something that illustrated my personality and my blog’s main subjects. I wanted a design that was aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. For me that meant incorporating white space, shades of blue, fun and fierce fonts, and a grid for category pages, among other little things.
3. Why did you choose this redesign?
My designer did a great job in creating something that encompassed everything I was looking for and I was excited when I saw the final drafts. I was nervous to lock into a logo and layout but the one I chose felt right to me.
4. Was mobile a part of the choice for this specific design?
No, mobile wasn’t a part of the choice but I knew I wanted my blog to be mobile-friendly. My designer and I talked about it at the very beginning and she designed with it in mind.
5. Were there any websites that inspired you in helping you achieve your own branded redesign?
Yes! I sent a few examples to my designer to help her understand the look and feel I wanted to have on my site. The examples included:, and
6. Will you be expanding on your website? Adding a store? Recipe section?Photo gallery? Etc Etc?
Time will tell! For now, I’m happy with what I have but content and function needs may evolve in the future that I would need to add new features.


7. How long did this redesign take to complete?

About 2 months.

Well there you have it folks. Sometimes simpler is the solution. If you would like to follow Anita on her adventures, check out the links below for her facebook twitter, instagram and of course her website. Peace out and until next time.