One Month Of Pain


As we get older, we learn time and time again that we are not invincible, we have to be very careful about what we do and what we eat. A few weeks ago when I was working out, which was on the bike, I had a sudden pain in my right shoulder. But this pain was different it wasn’t a pulled muscle. It contained a pain that shot down my right arm like along the outside and into my fingers. I quickly scheduled my appointment with my doctor and a week and a half later it got a way way worst.

In the time it took me to see the doctor it spread from my right shoulder to also my left side and my fingers. Also there was a few days were the pain became so severe I couldn’t lift my arms and the tremors in the hands were the worst. Could you imagine, having your fingers tremor in pain? Yeah trust me it gets bad and not something anyone should go through.

Well when my doctor saw me he referred me to get an MRI because that kind of pain and damage is basically bad. No doubt about that. Well in the MRI the doctor told me that I would need surgery due to the fact how bad the damage is to my cervical disk. Which your cervical disk problem is located in your spine/neck. The doctor told me that if you decide to leave this untreated then the pain becomes permanent and not just something that is annoying.

Being prescribed pain pills isn’t a fun thing. Trust me being on pain meds to numb the insane amount of nerve pain due to the compression against the nerves in my spine. It’s definitely not something that is easy to endure. And being on powerful pain killers and living in a haze is definitely not something I enjoy especially when it comes to programming and having to deal with all the work I have to do and forgetting what I am doing from time to time. I also want you to imagine having trouble lifting a keurig water reservoir, yeah my arms would shake when I tried to carry simple things and the pain in my  body became that bad. Even walking would send pain down my spine or in my arms.

Due to how bad the pain is and how urgent the case is, the doctors were very much like “get surgery the sooner the better cause the damage might become permanent in both arms.” Now what kind of surgery am I getting? Its known as a fusion surgery where they take bone marrow from a donor and place it to help fix the disk in my spine. Now don’t’ get me wrong that is freaking crazy but its also cool at the same time. The doctor said that I will need to take it easy which I have and resting but pain is definitely something I want to go away.

So this has been me the past month. Slowly getting answer and hopefully getting out of this painful rut I have been in. It’s not an easy task but I believe I will be getting over it by this time next week. Anyways, I thank everyone who called and supported me during this insane time. My family, my coworkers and my friends who have all reached out for me and helped.

I thank you.