The Climb

Someone once said just as fortune comes in threes so does misfortune. And this past month has definitely shown me that. From the damage to my spine, to me having to cancel my big trip to new York that I was looking forward to just to go to my favorite museums. To now someone hitting my car. But as all things go, ae can always believe things can be worst. I have a family that cares, colleagues that look out for me and friends that check up on me.

This is as the saying goes, just as misfortunes come in threes so do fortunes. Family, colleagues and friends and without them I don’t know how I would have made it through it all. Cause the pain in my arms was very very severe. Lets just say even on pain pills, the pain still pushed me to my limit. Heck now even as the hospital bills roll in and those places are asking for the cash I have my family to help me get back on my feet after all the insanity that has happened.

I also have great colleagues, from them understanding how much pain I am in. From them telling me this isn’t the Orlando we are use to. To them helping me through projects and just helping me stay focused and helping to just keep things straight. Also for my boss who is currently on vacation right now but that did not stop her from watching my social media accounts, checking on me, for updates, emailing me. To make sure I was ok, how many bosses or co workers do that. Not a lot from what I have seen, I am not just a number we are a family at our company and we look out for each other.

And finally my friends, my friend who checked up on me, brought me food when I was having trouble raising my arms. Making sure I was ok, texting me. Always looking out for me.  And the many upon many more that came out of the wood work texting me, tweeting, the amount of messages I got was just like wow to me.

I thank everyone for everything that they have done to help me through these trying times. And soon I will recover from all this, and I will never forget what everyone did for me. When I see you all, I will be sure to thank you and shake your hand.

I would also like to take the time to thank Dr. Onan and his team of highly skilled surgeons cause seriously being able to use my arms again and not being in constant pain can very well put a smile on your face. Also thank you to the many nurses and aides that took care of me while I was in the hospital.

And to be honest I do feel like Batman, cause I will need to rise and continue to rise, recovery isn’t over yet but I sure as hell ain’t going to let it stop me from getting on back up.