Where Can I Learn To Code?

Following up with why code should be taught in schools. I often get asked “But Orlando where can I learn without attending school?” Well if you are like me, being self taught is way easier than sitting through a lecture at a school. Here are a few of the resources I use when it comes to learning to code or refreshing my brain.

Code Cademy

codeacademy2Probably one of the best resources I can give someone. This website has definitely grown over the years since I started using it, from just having basic HTML/CSS to now teaching python, ruby and even API development from third parties. This is very much a do it at your own pace learning experience and if you don’t have any prior knowledge of coding thats ok. You start with the basic and build yourself up into the harder to learn stuff. And yes this website is free.

KHAN Academy


If you want to learn anything you can definitely start here. And I do mean any subject in school, This is definitely a place where if you want to learn something you can definitely do it at your own pace. Khan Academy is the digital support alternative to the in the classroom experience, use it as a nice resource if you want to have more of an online classroom experience.




Part of Microsoft’s MSDN, Channel 9 to me is more of a video learning experience and part digital classroom. Featuring many developers who work for Microsoft and guest developers, this is a nice place if you are ever looking for How To Videos or want to engage with a community that wants to learn more. I highly suggest downloading the app and watching a few videos.



Treehouse Logo

Treehouse is definitely one of those places that feels like a digital school, you get many projects that help you build yourself up from novice to advanced developer. What I do like about this one is they do provide courses for people who want to learn how to build wordpress websites if you want to do what I do. BUT there is a teeny tiny catch, this one requires a small paid subscription of 25 dollars a month or 50 if you want to take it very seriously.



I have had a few friends tell me about this website and I haven’t had much work with it yet. But they tell me this is the place you go if you already know code and want to touch the super advanced stuff. This is more of a virtual classroom and doesn’t hand hold you to learn stuff its definitely meant for the advance students.

Well here are a few of the resources I use and the ones I hear about often. If you would like to see more I will definitely look for places that are as equal as the ones I listed above.