What I Wish I Had In College


I always hear about older people saying “these kids nowadays.” Well now that I look on it, I do realize that when it comes to tech. I really wish I had a few of the things I use now that have basically saved my ass on more than one occasion. And I do kind of wish the tech boom having a few years sooner, cause I seriously think these things I use nowadays would have helped me greatly in college. Also I wrote this as a nice back top school since lets face it school starts tomorrow and I will be waking up before dawn to avoid all the traffic.

Online Note Taking Apps

Probably something I would have loved to have in college but didn’t was onenote, having the ability to take notes and have them save to the cloud. Talk about saving time, cause anyone who knows me knows my handwriting is complete chicken scratch. Total garbage. Nowadays I take all my notes on onenote. Being able to have all my notes sync online and cross between all my devices at once and having them update all in a few seconds is quite amazing.

All In One Computers

One thing I do love is having a Surface with the whole snap on keyboard. I remember having to carry around a computer that the most it could do is surf the web and word process. And was 10 pounds. Nowadays the light computers is something I wish I had cause having that in my backpack with a giant text book. ┬áMaybe thats why I have back problems? haha. Having a computer that can be a reading tablet and be as light as a feather. Or close too it. Having the ability to switch between something to read with, to work on. That is very very good to have. And I wish I had it especially with having something that didn’t require a desktop to compile code with.

Online storage

I remember when we use to carry around thumb drives and if something happened to one of those things…there goes our entire life. Our web projects, final papers, everything was on these things and if you had a 16 gig or above then you were a god. Now with Onedrive, dropbox, google drive you have automatic sync and backups. This would have definitely saved a few students back when they nearly lost their minds when they couldn’t find their flash drives or their drive failed and lost everything.

Smart Phones

Probably the MOST important thing nowadays, I had a flip phone in college but I wish I had a smartphone, having the ability to keep my calendars, always having a line to the professors or not having to access a real crap webmail that was awful. Like pre google mail. Not having to wait by a desktop refreshing and refreshing and refreshing till the college professor answers you. Yeah gone are those days, most colleges have apps where you can access your classes, grades and college board.


I know this is a very random tech post but I realized that nowadays I wish I had some of these great tech innovations or why didn’t anyone think of them sooner. Anyways, what does everyone else think? what is something you wish you had in college that is now considered the norm.