Windows Or Mac? Don’t Pick A Side


I ain’t talking about mac and cheese. Many days, there is a war going on between people. You are either a Windows person or you are a Mac person. Personally, if I were you. I would learn to use both. Put aside the fanboy stuff and why wouldn’t you want to learn to use both of them?

I remember one time when I worked for a school I had a user come to me and was upset that there weren’t any windows machines he could use. I remember this student wouldn’t even touch a mac. Now why is this important? This is very important cause when it comes to the work world, some companies will have entirely Windows machines or Mac systems. I often tell developers who are one sided they will not make it in the design and development world cause companies will not always have what you need.


Would you turn away a job just cause they don’t let you use your preferred PC system? I actually know some of my friends who had to learn how to use a linux based system. You can’t decide the tools, but you can choose the know how to accomplish the tasks with the tools given to you.

I think one of the biggest things that I am told “Orlando its hard to use each system cause they are so different.” When you think about it, Mac using the command button, windows uses control. The nav bar is at the bottom and task bar is at the top on mac. Windows has them both command on the bottom.

If you have a job or have to use a system you don’t like sometimes you just gotta accept that there are more tools out there and you gotta use it. With android, windows, mac, linux, there are so many operating systems and I would highly suggest everyone who has to use computers everyday of their lives, not just developers and designers. But to learn how to each of them cause it could come in handy especially when you get a job and they use a new computer system cause then you will be prepared. I know some jobs do ask you what you like using more and will follow up with can you use the other ones? If you can answer yes you have a better shot at getting that job.