Heres a Tip: Disconnect


Every so often, as a developer or as anyone in general we come to a point where we must disconnect. We must stop doing with always being connected. I see many times people burning themselves out, pushing themselves beyond the brink. I have seen developers literally burn themselves down into nothing. I have also heard how some of them had to go into a psych ward cause they had a full on mental breakdown. It is very important to put the computers down a weekend and just step away. Turn the email off on your phone and just unplug for the sake of your health and also in order to regain your insanity.

I know there have been reports that say staying glued to your computer is definitely bad for your health. I try as so many others to unplug. I get out, go on a hike, go to parties. And of course try to not look at my phone. I know how hard it is especially when your phone is ringing non stop. Thats why I encourage developers to have a weekend known as a “cleanse” weekend. Where they disconnect and just relax and recover cause I have seen many developers get burnt out. I have heard of some developers literally losing their minds, breaking down, getting insanely angry or just giving up and not showing up to work. I have heard stories of some developers getting a “prescription” to help keep them focused or getting actually addicted to some stuff just to help keep them sane. by no means should you do this. you should definitely try the other method of just disconnecting and recovering peacefully.

Many companies have comfort rooms, and places for people to wind down, I know some companies have even made their workers take required vacation. Yes required vacation where they have to disconnect. I know many companies are trying to curve the “burn out” rate that happens to developers, designers, and everyone in the tech industry. But as great as that is, you should also have a extra thing to help add extra time to recovery yourself.

I highly suggest that everyone eventually take a break. unplug and disconnect, go out and do something and let go of the worry of what might happen and recover your brain and of course your sanity.

See you space cowboy…