Why the iPad Pro Left Me Eh.


Looking over the iPad pro. I had very high hopes that the new iPad experience was going to be something more than its tablet counterpart…but alas I was wrong oh so wrong.

I think one of the biggest things I was expecting out of the ipad pro was definitely a overhaul to the desktop version of apple’s OSX and to bring a touchbased version of it to allow for more stuff to be installed on it not just apps kind of like what Microsoft did with its Surface Pro series.

When I was looking over the tech specs I did notice that Apple did say it was faster than most two in one devices. When I looked into what exactly it was, I believe they can say that cause it is running a X64 bit  processor chip. I think this thing does have quite a lot of ram but when you look at it, it isn’t running a full OS like Windows devices do. So when you are using and running a stripped down version of an OS that is built to run on a tablet you can’t claim it is fast. Which is the downside to this device, it isn’t running full apps. Apple did demo a version of Office and Photoshop but I feel that it still won’t top the real thing cause I know people were in ooo and ahhh when the new photoshop touch but it didn’t replace photoshop and neither will the other new apps.

Another thing that definitely comes into scope is price. The 128 gig model is nearly 1 grand. When you take into account that you will need a keyboard, that will add up and all the accessories, it will keep adding up and up. If you want that kind of power why not just buy a macbook pro? I still can’t understand what kind of person apple is trying to target with this especially when the price equals a macbook.

I haven’t touched on the pen because frankly I don’t care. I believe Apple missed out on a big opportunity and I have talked to some people who got some hands on time with it and they don’t understand why or what they would use it for. And these people I know are die hard Apple fans and they were even stumped on why they didn’t release a full touch based version of OSX that could have software installed on it.

If you plan on buying this, I wish you god speed on it cause you will be spending about the same price you would on a macbook pro and why not just buy that so you can have all the ports and have the ability to buy full software and not just stripped down. But until next time.


See you space cowboy…