Behind Enemy Lines: My Month With An iPhone


So yes I still haven’t dropped the iPhone I have. Or I haven’t’ thrown it across a wall because everyone knows how I am about apple products or just apple in general. Well lets discuss my one month anniversary with this iPhone.

I think one of the crazy things that I am still getting over is the fact I am using the official apps and not a 3rd party developed app like I am use to. Like Instagram, Twitch, Youtube. I think using these first party apps is pretty cool stuff cause I always had to depend on other developers on Windows Phone to step up to the plate to make a good app for all the popular ones. Now that being said, I am also not using an update to date app. Like Swarm, Linkedin and Duolingo, Twitter, and Facebook. Being Windows Phone is the 3rd place for phones and only controls around 5% of the market now? Well I know its low so many developers just ignore Windows Phone in general. So having access to all the apps on the market and then some is very nice cause I can pick and choose what I want now instead of having very very little to pick from.

Now one thing I did discover with my iPhone is that it won’t read off my text messages while I am driving like my Windows Phone did with the SYNC feature did in my car. Now that was quite like WHAT? Why won’t you read what someone texted me? I don’t know why it won’t work with the SYNC in my car but its definitely something that is a big pitfall cause just incase you didn’t know readers. Its illegal to text and drive and I am all about that safety.

Another thing that really does grind my gears of this iPhone is still the bombardment of ads in all these apps. At least in Windows Phone that was a good side to having apps that aren’t truly supportive. The apps were too less used to have ads in them so there is a plus side to a Windows Phone. Yes it seems like every other Tweet, every other Facebook post, or another flip of the board was an ad. It is quite annoying.

And finally the big thing. I still hate the idea of how the apps are, I miss the Live Tiles, or even Widgets on Android when I use to rock an Android Phone. Apple really needs to step it up I highly hate having to open the app every single time to see something. After all these years there have been vast improvements on phone app screens. Samsung doing a great job at split screen apps on their galaxy line. To Windows improving how the Live Tiles work and show you stuff before you even open the app even without notifications.

Overall, I am still mixed about an iPhone. It is nice to have all the apps but I still feel the interface is lacking and I don ‘t really use the camera as much cause it just doesn’t stack up to the Lumia 1020 and the sheer power that had. I will be sticking with the phone a little while longer cause I recently found out that the Lumia 950 XL will not be coming to AT&T and I will probably just wait till I can afford to buy the phone unlocked at the Microsoft store. ¬†Anyways until next time…


See you space cowboy…