Review: Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter


Continuing with my next product review. I recently was gifted the wireless adapter for the surface series. Now for those of you who do not know what miracasting is. It’s when you are able to project your screen from your phone or tablet or computer even onto a tv. This would allow you to have essentially a second screen. Now why is this needed? Well if you are on a trip or something and want to do work on a bigger screen then you are fully able to do so. Or if you are even visiting family and need to keep the kids entertained while you do work. This is where this will come in handle. Personally I do love how portable this wireless adapter is, how quick it is to use and set up. You just simply connect it to a TV press the button, and on your Windows machine you just simply press connect and it will pop up in the list of devices. I have actually used this at a conference when people wanted to discuss a website and I didn’t want to have them crowd around my computer.

Now where does this thing have a downfall? Well that’s simple, 2 things really are against this tiny device. For one…price…the price will once again turn people away. Costing in and around 59.95 depending on where you go that can definitely be a little pricy especially for something that is basically just a little connector. Now something else that has caught my eye. Is when I use this as a basic presentation tool, like just showing off websites or word docs. Nothing intensive, the heat from the connector doesn’t get too crazy but when you stream a movie. This sucker gets insanely hot. I don’t know if it relates to whatever type of intensive thing you are doing but this is seriously a cause for concern. Also before you buy this, I know most TV’s nowadays have a USB slot and a HDMI slot side by side each other but be sure to double check your TV cause you don’t want to spend money on something that isn’t really going to help you if there isn’t a USB port on it.


Overall, I do love this little device and its easy to carry around and use. But the heat that the adapter generates is really a cause for concern. Overall if you are big into traveling then this is for you. Now please note, this will work on all windows 10 and 8 machines and some android phones but it won’t work with anything iPhone from the times I have tried connecting it. Anyways I hope you like this quick review on the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, and until the next device I get my hands on. Except a few more wordpress help blogs in the coming future cause I have noticed a trend recently and I will address those many wordpress questions.

source: Microsoft Store

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