Coming In 2016…


With 2016 right around the corner. I decided I should write a blog post with what you can expect in the new year. With the help of a few of my friends, there will be more guests and way more interviews in the coming future. I have had several developers who want to join in on the conversation and help talk about what they do and help spread the word on the misconceptions and of course the trials and tribulations with being a developer.

Now something else I will be doing believe it or not. Once I get everything in order I will be doing some live streaming but not video games but of WordPress development and spreading my knowledge on everything I know about web development.

I also will be attending a few tech conferences this year and definitely looking forward to the developers I will meet. I am trying to attend Build, and SXSW again but I plan on going as a civilian this year and not being part of the press cause I don’t want to be held down having to do work. I also want to try and attend the Apple DEV conference in the fall but I know some of these will be hard to attend I might start a donation fund to help get my ass to it.

This year I will be getting way more technical with my blogs and having beginner level stuff, to hard and insane things for the advanced developers. I will also be loading up a lot of the custom stuff I do to git so whoever can download what I build. I think it is beyond important to share code and help spread that knowledge.

Also you can expect to see a dedicated portfolio page. I have been designing this for a while and it will be launching very soon in the near future. I have been asked to see what websites I have helped with and of course built. I will also be sharing some custom built email templates for a variety of editors from mailchimp to vertical response. I will also talk SEO analytics and building your SEO better.

FINALLY…NO ADS STILL yup I don’t plan on adding any ads to my website cause well I am not in this for a profit I am in this to share the knowledge. I look forward to having a team of developer friends together and building something great that everyone will love to read.



See you in 2016 space cowboy…