CES 2016 Predictions

With CES right around the corner I thought I would take the time to show off some predictions of where I think the tech world is going. Now I ain’t going to predict a specific product for a brand but more of the overall idea of where we are going with technology. For those of you who don’t know what CES is, it stands for the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES for short and it is where a lot of tech companies both big and small show off the tech that they are going to be releasing that year.

Phones Become Computers.

Now I think the biggest new trend we will see this year at CES will be the fact that phones will become computers. What I mean is, if you look at phones nowadays they are packing about 4 gigs of ram and quad core processors and massive power behind them. I have gotten hands on time with the Lumia 950XL and have seen the dock in action and how it connects to a computer. This was very interesting, I think we will see more of this in devices that will allow you to connect to something and get that full desktop experience. Kind of what like ASUS was trying to push but we will definitely see more of that with android and especially windows 10 this year.


With the whole needing security on everything this will definitely be a big thing. We will probably see new apps that will protect your data in your phone, or computer with adding in facial technology to protect you from getting your identity or device stolen. I think we will definitely see added security to everything that comes out cause protection is becoming the biggest new thing nowadays.


I think the future is going to be augmented reality. We will probably start seeing new Halolens competitors. I still think these type of devices are still way way way out. We will probably see many different kinds of VR headsets and augmented headsets that will allow us to connect to a living digital world. I look forward to seeing how people have compacted these type of headsets, it would be cool if some were just regular glasses but I know that idea is still a year or two away maybe more.

I would touch on the fact that there will be more all in one devices, thinner, and higher resolution displays but those trends are already set in stone and expected of any new device that comes out. There is a lot I am looking forward to but there are still devices that I probably haven’t thought up that will be breakaway hits at CES but we shall see how it goes.


See you space cowboy…