Developers, Protect Yourself


If you are like the many developers out there, sooner or later you will probably eventually work for a company. Hopefully in doing so you won’t get paired with the wrong agency or company because that could be terrible even if it does mean a steady paycheck.

When applying for a company, probably the first thing you want to do is do a background check on the company. How do you do this you ask? Simple, there are apps such as glass door and indeed that allow you to search and see what previous employees said. I know some companies have contacted me about working for them. However, reading quite a few bad reviews on job boards, I just decline and say thank you but no thank you.

Reading the companies blog can give insight into who the company is such as are the blogs creative, thought provoking, and original? Or are they slanderous hateful posts that give a very off putting vibe?

Another great tip I tell people, look at the parking lot. This might be a weird thing to point out, but if like the top brass has overly expensive cars yet everyone else has Saturns or cars that are falling apart. This might be a red flag because that can mean something equal to a Ponzi scheme. I mean think about it, if only the CEOs have all the best stuff yet everyone else has nothing. Yeah that’s shady and that might be something you should really consider. I always get told this is a weird thing to be on the lookout for but it is something that makes sense.

When you are being interviewed look at the developers’ desks, are they all fun and exciting with things that define them or are they covered in energy drinks? Do the developers look healthy? Do they look stressed? Do they look like they see the sun? This can be the biggest “oh my”. I have been to places where the developers do not look like they have slept in weeks. Not a place you want to work at if the developers look like the walking dead.

I really hope this helps developers with these few pro tips. There are many different companies out there with many different pros and cons but there is always a company out there that will fit you and your style of coding and development just always be cautious when applying for jobs and always be on the look out for yourself.

See you space cowboy…