You Get What You Pay For


A while back I was meeting with someone who wanted my help building a new complete website. We talked, we discussed, and when they asked how many hours, I gave them the hours which was 20-40. And I gave them the price and they were like ‘whoa whoa whoa’. They were very much turned away when I gave them the price. They were asking me if I could go down in my hour rate and I declined. Asking for you to decrease your price, is something they shouldn’t really do. My usual response is, “what do you do for a living…”, and when they respond, I ask them “would you ever take a 75% cut”. Their faces usually say it all, and they are usually bewildered by the question or the idea.

I actually had someone counter with the “I could go find someone cheaper” or “I can hire a firm in India”. Yes this has actually been said. My usual response is “OK that’s cool.” Many times I have had clients go to a firm or hire someone cheaper and they come to me saying “I don’t know what they did but it isn’t how I like it.” and they have already spent money, sometimes quite a lot of money.

I can’t help but remind people that sometimes its going to cost quite a bit of money. If you are investing in a business idea or wanting to get more out of your website, it isn’t cheap. I have had someone turn me down on my cost, then come back later saying “oh your prices are better” because the firm was ready to charge them 40 to 60 thousand dollars. Many people don’t know what goes into making a website. They want the Lamborghini, but they don’t know the dedication that goes into making one, especially when their budget can only get them a Ford Focus.

This is what I am saying. You don’t go to a heart doctor and ask him to take a pay cut. You don’t hire a babysitter and ask for more than you are willing to pay for because in the end you get what you pay for. If you expect to get the best, then you should be willing to pay for the best. Particularly when that best comes with many years of experience and knowledge. This might happen to you in the future where you are told you are too much, or don’t seem like the right fit, or how it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the cost. Trust me sooner or later clients and everyone will find out that you do get what you pay for.


see you space cowboy…