What Happens To Windows Phone Now?


With the failure of Microsoft’s mobile platform otherwise known as Windows Phone or Windows Mobile or whatever they change it to in hopes of helping it push the brand for some reason has become more than 5 percent of the overall market barely above Blackberry.

My belief into the reason why Windows Phone failed was because they didn’t learn from HTC’s massive downfall when they flooded the market with so many handsets that made it impossible for them to keep them all updated across all the networks. I also believe another reason why windows phone failed was because when Windows 10 was released, the mobile platform was still pretty much in alpha. From the people I know that had the Lumia 950 and 950XL there would be reports of updates that would crash systems or updates that would cause problems. And even with bi weekly updates it still wasn’t enough and they needed to release a full stable version of Windows 10 that doesn’t feel like it’s still in beta.

Where does Windows Phone go after the Lumia brand goes away? Well most third parties won’t probably support it unless Microsoft really brings out a flagship phone because we haven’t seen a flagship phone since the Lumia 1520 all those years ago and it’s about time they bring out something. There are rumors flying that the Surface Team is designing and developing a Windows Phone. This could be a very good thing because I do know many people who actually back the surface as a solid device. But will this reflect onto the phone if they make a flagship windows phone? Possibly.

Moving forward Microsoft needs to focus on what they are trying to do and truly embrace it, they have Continuum which allows for users to have the desktop version of apps. Also Microsoft should go even further and since they are focused on bringing streaming to the Xbox app why not do that with Windows Phone or personal desktop streaming to home computers. They need to focus on what makes Windows Phone great, the enterprise aspect.

It seems like the Windows Mobile Ecosystem might shrink to nothing if Microsoft does nothing in the next year, but if they do a complete re-brand and focus on releasing a top tier COMPLETE OS in a flagship phone then we could see Windows Phone make a comeback but if not…Then we all remember what happened to blackberry.