I am Retiring from Building WordPress Websites


Every developer grows and builds a very specialized set of skills, and as we grow we learn to harness these skills. I have been thinking on it more and more lately, and I believe I have exhausted myself on building custom WordPress websites. What does this mean? It means that I will probably not be taking on anymore clients. My full focus now has become Swift and app development. I have noticed that WordPress development has been hampering in my focus of becoming a very skilled Swift developer.

When you are working around 40 hours a week but trying to do other freelance projects it does indeed get in the way by adding more hours and less time to focus on learning Swift. I feel like I will do better passing down the knowledge of what I know onto the next set of people and sharing it fully and unabridged on my blog.

Now what kind of WordPress work will I be doing? I will be sticking to what I do best. Just being the fireman and fixing websites here and there since that doesn’t take me that long to do and figure out why something is breaking. I seem to know what causes everything nowadays but building them, I ain’t got time for that. But I hear you wonder “doesn’t WordPress development pay good money. Why not build a website.” well to answer that question, its not about the money its about the skills and wanting to expand┬ámore as a developer. Yes it is developer ADD. Gotta switch it up every so often and focus on something new.

In closing, this probably doesn’t bother anyone but any prospective clients that need websites but if someone does contact me I will just refer them to my other WordPress developers and share the wealth.

see you space cowboy…