App Review: Mimo

memo intro to programming


From the makers of Swiftly and Javvy, comes a new app to learn to program called Mimo. It functions very much the same way as the original ones do. It’s a step by step learning system that you can do at your own pace…but is it worth the price of admission? It’s a free download but to get past the first lesson of almost any of the lessons you must pay.

Currently after some hands on time with the app I can say this is a very well put together app. The lessons are quick and easy. The on the go learning and do at your own pace and tests at the end definitely make learning easy. If you have used the other 2 apps then you will definitely be in for the same experience. The easy to read interface, easy to learn lessons are something that even a novice could use.


The biggest downside to this app is its price tag — 5.99 per month or 49.99 a year, and finally the big one 149.99 (yes 150 dollars) a lifetime to have access to everything unless you want to pay the yearly price. Now is this app worth it?

Well nope not really, there are other free learning tools out there like code academy or even cheaper coding books. This  doesn’t make it a necessary app. Hell even swiftly and Javvy have a 5 dollar unlock everything price tag. The prices are very weird and very far out and a lot of the other lessons for stuff like git or Terminal are under “coming soon” same with bookmarks. I don’t understand why the maker didn’t just have the 5 dollar full lesson unlock for everything instead of doing a subscription based month and yearly because what if I only want to learn web development courses…or what if I want to learn only object oriented programming? Also I have seen some spelling and grammar errors more so than usual. This app needs to have a spell checker and needs a few edits before it gets pushed out.


Overall for the price of admission I do not see this as a must have learning tool yet. Maybe if the tool has a little bit better pricing I would say this will be great. However, as of right now I would say wait till the next version and the soon to be future updates.

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