The State Of Apple (Part 1)

Innovation. Innovation is what Apple use to drive, from the start of a full touch screen phone, adding a front facing camera and accelerators to even adding fingerprint unlock, and then creating the iPad that paved the way for the tablet world. Now with the iPhone 7 releasing in the wild and MacOS Sierra coming out I have taken a good look at everything Apple has been doing. And what has it has been doing is stale craftsmanship.


A Half Way Wireless Future

The removal of the headphone jack and the touting of a “wireless” future does make me wonder what kind of future apple is going for. Especially when that future doesn’t include wireless charging or a type of wireless screen casting. I have gotten some hands on time with the new iPhone and it definitely leaves a lot to be desired, the long video about the case was just like boring. The case isn’t shatter proof, its not scratch proof, hell its definitely not wireless. Apple use to be at the forefront of innovation but now Samsung, and Microsoft lead that forefront of innovation and I believe people are starting to catch onto just how much the iPhone is dragging its feet to bring on what others have done and perfected already.

Samsung definitely has paved the way for the screen revolution, my father has the Galaxy S7 Edge and I will give it to samsung the screen is beautiful, I currently have the iPhone 6s plus and there is a clear winner in that regard, hell even the Lumia 950 XL’s screen topples Apples new screen and that phone came out last year. When you compare, the battery, the screen, the power, apple seems to drag its heels for just being optimized and less powered for the future.


Moving Forward

If Apple really wants to create a revolution again they will need to go all out on the next iPhone. Something I think that could be done by not just upgrading a camera to be 1 MP better or saying your new processor is 30% faster than the last one. No, you must completely change everything you do cause if you don’t innovate you could find yourself becoming the next blackberry.

Recently I read a article that talked about how Microsoft is looking into a all screen fingerprint scanner. What does this mean? well it could mean that the finger print unlock will allow you to unlock your phone with just your screen. Also with advances in screen technology kind of like Samsung and Dell has done the bevel on the iPhone can definitely be reduced to be way more screen and less border. So why doesn’t Apple add a full fingerprint sensor into the screen, their home button could be added into the screen itself kind of like how Microsoft handled the home and back button. Hell even Android got rid of all those buttons and added it into the screen, apple needs to follow suit cause thats what people want nowadays and taking away that click on the iphone 7’s home button definitely makes it beyond weird.

If Apple wants to regain the ground it has lost, it will need to innovate. With the power that cell phones are pushing nowadays it will need to invest in multi tasking. I feel that someone saying their phone is the most powerful on the market but is lacking multi tasking definitely shows how behind it us.

Contiuum is something Microsoft created that definitely shows where phones are going and being able to Miracast and have a desktop at a moments notice with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can help people who don’t have a laptop on them get work done quick if a smart TV or Miracast monitor is within reach. Apple needs to fully embrace other technologies besides their own. When I want to share a video, I can’t use apples airplay, I have to have a apple TV connected to my TV, I can’t use a Miracast connector or something like my xbox.


In Closing

In closing, I think if Apple continues down the road, the idea of innovation which they use to be the leader in will become a distant memory and what we will see every year is not just another chip and another camera improvement instead it is powerful changes that push the median forward such as a pure wireless future, and a cardless future as well or even your phone becoming your computer completely. Only time will tell what becomes of Apple


See you space cowboy…