App Spotlight: Countable

Recently I have discovered an app that has been making some headway in this politically charged world. Currently Countable is picking up speed due to the fact it makes government and tracking what your reps and the entire congress are doing and voting on simple to keep tabs on. Yes it tracks what they vote on and gives you real time updates on what is being sent through the house and the senate.


Probably one of my favorite things is how quickly and easily it gives you access to your representatives phone number or their social media accounts. No longer needing to access or find on your own, you simply sign in and enter in your address and boom its done. Your reps are added via your address and being in texas in such a gerrymandered state, you probably don’t know who your reps might be.


The design of Countable is very slick and easy to use and read. It acts like a news reader. Giving you realtime updates and not to mention it gives you the pros and cons of the bills that will be voted on this week. You can also see real time data of where other people stand so that they can make their case for the bill. From what the app says, it will actually message your representative with your vote so they can know where you stand and how they vote. But we all know that it isn’t just a simple click. you also gotta contact them and make your case known thus how I do it. After I vote I will give them a little phonecall.

The app does have a few downsides, the app will sometimes lose your login information and it has crashed on quite a few occasions especially when trying to use the Countable Local tab. I know there is a lot more to be added to this app and with everything happening in the political world I won’t be surprised if this app becomes one of the must have apps of 2017.

I often wondered why someone hasn’t done this sooner. I believe this new form of information could help bridge the gap between the voters and the politicians. From what I read, a lot of politicians are not liking this app cause it allows for easy communication. But isn’t that why we elected them? for representation? Anyway go and download it already! 

see you space cowboy…