My Favorite Superhero Movie Moment

Everyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy super hero films and with a new one coming out every quarter I thought I would write something on them. Having just seen Wonder Woman and being completely blown away by how good it was, it made me really think back on superhero films. Out of all of the ones that have come out, which scene really stuck with me through out. Was it the Joker’s Pencil Trick? Wonder Woman’s first scene in the trenches? The heroes fighting each other in Civil War? Well it might come to surprise to some people…

The Superman Question

Probably one scene that totally came out of left field was in Batman V Superman. It was the question about “should there be a superman”. It was definitely something that struck a cord especially seeing it in theater and since none of the other superhero films had never really touched on this question. Yet should there actually be superheroes. For me personally, the DC movies by Nolan are some of the best ones ever, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is hands down always fun. But for Man of Steel, Zack Synder did something different, he approached it as a “what if Superman actually existed”. And in Batman V Superman for a movie with a lot of faults, this scene especially makes me question that belief that we all wanted superheroes as a kid. It makes me wonder if there should be a Superman.

I know coming out of Man Of Steel a lot of people had a issue with destruction, but in Batman V Superman, they kind of address that in this film. Look at all he destroyed, should he have helped? Should he have stepped in or let it all happen? Without trying to compare much to Marvel movies but this is addressed very early on in the DC movies specifically with Suicide Squad. If someone with powers is capable of making a difference, should they make a difference. Should laws be ignored and someone step into a situation. Will they make it worst? Was it politically motivated? These are some things you never really think about when it comes to superhero films.

Perhaps the biggest question that stems from this scene, was how would Superman actually be perceived, and compared to the comics where he is seen as a kid friendly superhero, whereas in the movie he is seen as a god. Someone who came from the heavens, looks human but yet shows that humanity as a species isn’t that high up on the chart when compared to someone who is basically indestructible, can use heat vision to decimate buildings, can literally break you in half with just a flick of his fingers. In the one small part where the family draws the Superman symbol on her house in a great flood and he is scene from the heavens makes you think what if people stop praying to god and instead look to Superman cause he answers their prayers by saving them. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

A lot of these scenes have a certain connection to religious ideology, such as when he is carrying the cruise ship with people on the top which is like Jesus struggling to carry the cross. Or even the beginning scene where he is smiling about making a difference and saving someone’s daughter from a burning building, but then his smile goes away as people start worshiping him. Now when you think about this and connect the dots, it makes you wonder would it be right for him to help? Is he upsetting the order of things by allowing people to turn to him and shying away from other religions? Even if he is just a guy trying to do the right thing as that commentator says, “legends and stories can get away from someone because we have seen just how messy history can get when we have to retell it in school”.

In Closing…

With more and more Superhero movies being made for the next…what? 10 years? I definitely enjoy movies that help push the envelope forward, The Dark Knight, Logan, Man of Steel, Wonder Woman. But every now and then a moment of something different is done, I think thats why this scene in particular stuck with me and still sticks with me cause it made me question if superheroes should stay in the comics and never come into real life because we don’t know what might happen if there actually was a Superman. I really hope Justice League continues with this realistic idea for superheroes and asks the question of “yes they exist but should they”.

see you space cowboy…

Chris Barbalis