Just When I Thought I Was Out. They Pull Me Back In.

Something that has recently happened a lot more these past few months, is I am joining a few projects here and there that require a lot of salesforce and wordpress customization. With this I am really reaching a turning point in my career. I have been fully focused on Swift and app development these past few months, but with more and more being asked about Salesforce and WordPress. I think taking on these projects will need to become more of a priority.

For Salesforce I have decided that I might need to actually get my Salesforce Developer Certification. Now why would this be a important task. Well even though I know salesforce. I don’t know it know it. And with companies wanting more proof of purchase, I think pursing the certification and actually having that piece of paper could help give some companies a peace of mind when it comes to using my services and getting my help.

Most of my background in Salesforce is generating reports and setting up web to lead forms that involve collecting data and knowing when and where its coming from as well as presenting the data in spreadsheets.

As for the WordPress work, most of the projects that I am assisting with is fixing websites, helping finish websites or doing quick set up jobs  like I outlined in my blog. Now these smaller projects I don’t mind doing, especially since they just allow me to keep my skills up in the WordPress world. Cause its like they say if you don’t practice that skill you eventually lose it.

Also I have been consulting and helping companies figure out what to use and where to go. Apparently due to my marketing background and web background a few companies have come to me with needing help and figuring out if they are getting screwed, or if something would be better as a in house or if its better going to an actual marketing company.

I just wanted to give you an update and hope you all enjoy. There are definitely some great things and paths that I am going down. Where they lead, I do not know but it is exciting to head down them and saying I tried.