Git It Here

git hub

With the expansion of my resume and skills lately, I have been asked by a few companies if they can see my github. If I am active on there or help out there. My main point of access is usually my website. But for developers to have a github gives other developers a chance to see how you code. Now why haven’t I done a github you may ask? Most of the projects and things I have built for clients are behind legal walls that require releases. Now, what about the experiments I do? Building a wordpress theme? A theme on liquid? Or even react. I think this is where github will be used to my advantage, mainly I use bitbucket cause it is free and its just something I use more regularly.

I am currently getting together my experiment of projects where I built a prototype to mess around with or just something to play around with, I am working to get it all moved onto github. Currently I just have my attempt at a react website. But soon you will be seeing a few wordpress themes, bare SASS starter sets, mailchimp email templates, salesforce email templates, among a few other things that I have been messing around with.

I really hope what you enjoy what I have built in the past, I think github could be a great way to get noticed outside of just having a portfolio, developers will be able to deep dive into how I code and let me know what they think of it all.

see you space cowboy…

William Iven