Co-Working Spaces: What are they?

co working space

We Work, Capital Factory, Link Co Working, Common Desk, The Farm. What are these places? Well to put it simply, they are a co-working space. What is a co-working space exactly? It is a place where companies come together and work, not necessary together together. But they work side by side and rent out office space.

Why are places like this becoming more and more widely used and becoming the new norm in the world? A few things have helped push the need and want for these places is cost, ease of access, and community. Lets bring down the cost first cause that is something a lot of people have to know about. If you wanted to lets say lease a full office space from an actual office building, that could run up into the thousands. Not to mention you have to buy business internet, insurance, pay the city for services, water blah blah blah and the costs just go up and up. This is where a co-working space comes into play, you pay a set amount a month for a space. Most places go month to month cause they know your team could shrink or could grow at a moments notice.

co working space

Currently I am at We Work, and its been one of those places that you can feel the creative energy. You see companies in meetings, you see people cranking out creative ideas. There are social mixers, and coffee on tap. Honestly it feels like a starbucks if you took out the patrons and only had people who were actually working there. It is very much a nice relaxed atmosphere. This place isn’t like a place where a cubical farm use to be, this allows for privacy but interactivity between companies. You get the We Work network which allows you to post jobs, questions, join groups, apply for contract jobs between the other companies on the network.

These places are great for companies that have small to medium size teams because they are very focused and to the point. There isn’t a need for buying a whole lot of extra stuff, and the communities are very close and amazing. Also the spaces in my opinion are cozy and very relaxed, far from a office as you can imagine. So if you are looking into getting an office space, you might want to check out a co-working space.


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