30 + 1

Something I have always told myself over the years is if I woke up in a bathroom chained to a pipe. I probably did something to deserve it. 30 has been a cliffhanger of a ride. Constant up and downs, questioning ideals, friendships, co workers and job. I think this year has been a test of a man’s character. Will he betray his beliefs in order to achieve his goal? Or will he not back down of being what a good man truly means.

“Mars Aeternum”

I for one pertain a lot of this to the political climate that we live in. It felt like I lost quite a number of friends due to different political ideologies, a question of beliefs. Never before have I been told I am dead wrong or been called a lib tard which is just one from the many other obscenities. I think one thing I miss is not knowing who was in charge of each department and not being worried about the whole government crashing down on our heads. But I guess things change.

One thing that I am working towards nowadays, due to the political climate, is working to bring people together. I have been helping with more non profits this year which is an even bigger way to give back. I will be talking about in another blog post. But being invested with non profits, and even getting involved with political campaigns has helped me further myself as a individual and also network with quite a number of people.

“Follow The Freeman”

I have also come to a crossroads as a developer. I am pushing myself into going towards being a full stack JS developer as well as an app developer. It’s been an interesting transition but has been more fulfilling. The reason for me once again moving away from WordPress and towards more web app focused websites is that its where the future is going. Also I feel like I have reached that max level of being a WordPress developer. I have also moved into Salesforce development since Salesforce is expanding out into the web world. Plus its something that I continue running into. I have been asked on integrating something that is built as a web app to filter and use data that is in Salesforce.

Another big out of left field item that has happened to me this year is I have been told by my co-workers, and even some other professionals that I should be considered a senior level developer. Now this caught me off guard considering I have had a few companies tell me they didn’t consider me “senior” level. However, with others believing in me and recruiters that say with my knowledge I should be running a team. I have started to see what they mean.

“White. All important movies end with a white screen.”

What I hope happens in 2018 is I move and attain the title of Senior Web Developer. I will continue to help with non profits. Also something else which I will be posting about later this week because I can announce it. Its something that I really do look forward to doing and I hope to be more helpful in 2018 because leading is definitely kind of invigorating. It helps with ones inner self when you help people gain more knowledge. Also has more people reaching out because they know you are willing to share information.  And since I learned a lot this year of myself as a person and learning of what lines shouldn’t be crossed, I hope to climb in 2018! Anyways till next year my friends.

May the force be with you…