Me A Professor? Whoa

I have always believed that sometimes life will take a curve ball, sometimes good sometimes bad. Recently, I had a friend reach out to me about spreading my WordPress knowledge. She knew I was trying to spread my knowledge through my blog and helping with a few meet ups. Well The Austin Code Academy reached out to me and I was asked if I would like to start teaching WordPress and Marketing. I couldn’t say no. The idea of helping the next group of developers jump into the world of marketing and freelance web development and understanding how to build a WordPress website properly is an idea I can get behind.

I am currently working with the school on writing and developing a curriculum that will help the students learn a lot, but it will also prepare them for the unexpected. I know when I went into the marketing world I didn’t know a lot but I did gain so much knowledge. Then switching to freelance and contracting out to enterprise companies gave me a diverse perspective in which I can pass on good advice to these students that are trying to find what they want to do and hope to achieve.

I was asked what kind of teacher or “professor” I will be. The truth is, my target goal is to hit these students with knowledge, to avoid my mistakes that I learned along the way and help them expand beyond what they have. Also learning the do’s and don’ts of wordpress by showing real world examples. Which as anyone knows there is a lot of knowledge to be gained in the world of wordpress. I will try to avoid being one of those professors that just talks and talks and talks but will engage with their students.

In Conclusion…

I am kind of excited to be teaching starting in January where I can share my knowledge and fully pushing the next group of developers to take over Austin’s marketing scene. Its definitely something I am looking forward to.