Skip Hip Go For Convenience

Now here is something that I am sure a lot of people have had to go with. They get a new client or want to meet a developer. They decide to meet off site and that place is…some new coffee shop that might only have 3 parking spaces and can give both parties a headache.

Traffic is as Traffic Does…

One of the biggest and fastest ways to lose a client in my opinion is choosing a spot to meet that doesn’t have quick and easy parking. If you live in a city like Austin, traffic is just awful. Spending 20-30 minutes to get anywhere is a pain. On top of that the place doesn’t have any parking spots or having to drive around searching for a parking garage that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can be a vast undertaking.

The Tow Factor

One of the biggest horror stories I have heard from one of the many freelancers I know, is they were attending a meeting downtown in the city they were in. And the developers car got towed. Now that is something that can make for a awkward time when you get back to your car only to find it missing. Especially when you think a car lot is open but yet it isn’t and your car goes missing. Imagine that happening to a client and then having to drive them to get their car.

Keep It Simple

The way I usually go about it, is I will meet my clients at a Coffee Bean or a Panera Bread or a Starbucks. I stick to a few places that I know are in shopping centers where they are easy to get to and parking is always a breeze. I tend to stay away from any place downtown. I choose a place that is accessible and easy to find with a quick google. Now another way I also help is by creating a calendar invite. I always keep my calendar reminders with address and info on the place. I don’t like surprises especially when it’s the first time meeting a client. I know the client won’t like surprises so I plan for ease of use.

In Closing…

You might be surprised as to why I am bringing it up but I have heard time and time again about the woes about meeting downtown in major cities and at new places. The last thing you want to relay to a client is difficulty. If having to meet every time to discuss something involves an additional 30 minutes to an hour of logistical planning, you might rub a few clients the wrong way. So in the long run you might want to go with simple and easy instead of hip and trendy.