What Makes A Boss

What makes a boss? Are they someone that just order people around or are they a leader that leads people towards a collective purpose. I think one of the questions I have gotten this year is “what should I look for in a boss?” This is one of those questions that is very grey. It isn’t black and white as people think.

“These are the times when leaders are tested”

What is a boss? A boss in my eyes is someone who works with their workers. They see all of their people not as workers but individuals with purpose. I have worked with people who have shown me great leadership. How do they do this? They don’t oversell the project and they are not only concerned with their pockets are full but also make sure all of their workers are able to have food on the table and a place to call home. They get involved with their workers and make sure they have all the tools they need to get the job done.

I think one of the biggest comparisons I take away of what a leader is, is from literature is about King Arthur and his round table. No one sat at the head of the table and everyone is equal. I have worked with quite a few leaders who are always asking for ideas on how we can do something better. They also do what they can to make things more efficient for their workers.

Another way I have seen some leaders is how they are respected by others, like take for example General Antiope from Wonder Woman or Maximus from Gladiator. When they are walking in a crowd all the faces and people around them give them respect and in turn they return that respect. Compared to someone like Darth Vader who you try to hide from because you seriously don’t want to upset him and get force choked.

“You Take Orders FROM ME!”

Of course not every boss is equal to others, where some are leaders, others are owners. There will be some who see you as an ant in the ant hill. You do everything that is said, and you are just someone that is there to make them money. They don’t concern themselves with your life or if you are going through hard times…they will be like “ok…so when is that project going to be done.”


These are the type of bosses that are very much for themselves, they only care about themselves. Why are they like that?Well it depends on a variety of factors because if you work for their company or work for a corporation its all about the profits. Some bosses know that if demands are not met then it is on them and it could be their job.


What if someone doesn’t want to take orders? What if you want to be your own boss and run a company. Well then you will soon learn the hardships that come with running a business and having people under you. It will require you to become a person you might end up hating. You might need to make decisions between keeping the lights on and/or firing someone. These choices are not exactly easy but how you handle them when the issue is brought towards you will end up defining what kind of boss you really are.

I know what my bosses of the past taught me. Each of them taught me something good and something to improve on. When it comes to working with people, I always know to make sure they are taken care of. To get to know them and make sure their needs are being met. I try to be a boss that is respected and not feared. And no you can’t have both not even according to Tony Stark.


If you do ever become in charge of people, remember you will have issues presented that will be difficult choices, its not all fun and games being in charge. Because there are two sides to the coin, but if you do become a leader you will need to learn the tightrope that every boss eventually plays.

“See you space cowboy…”