Part 3 – Hiring Series – So you didn’t get the job

So you applied for the job and possibly got an interview but you didn’t get the job…in this blog I will discuss what you can do moving forward cause sometimes the dice doesn’t roll in your favor.

Accept It

Rejection is part of the game. Its one of those things that we all have to accept sooner or later in one way or another. Not getting the job is ok. Cause sometimes it works out in your favor. I often get told from developers / designers and people all around that they are scared of being told “thanks but no thanks”. If you are super scared of not being accepted then where would you go if you were constantly scared of being told no. I get asked how I deal with rejection. One of the ways I just deal with it, is just accept it. The best thing I can hope for is just shaking some hands and in some cases I will get calls down the line saying “hey we need a extra hand for some small contract work.”

Also making a positive impression can work out in your favor. In some cases down the road cause I remember names and faces, I have run into managers or higher ups at events such as SXSW or another meet up or event. And we have sat and discussed and they have gotten to know me and talk to me about improving my game and what I could focus on to get a advantage in the future.

Hold your head up high

Now there are a few things you can do when you get rejected. If I get a email from the hiring person, I will simply say thank you for the consideration and taking the time for letting me interview with your company. The last thing you should do is attack the company for not hiring you. Cause thats one quick way to make a negative reputation. Now if I get a automated email saying “thanks but no thanks.” then usually I don’t reply back cause those are from a blocked do not reply email. But if I get something from the person I say thank you, accept it and move on.

How can I be better

Now this is a question I get all the time cause they miss out on the job or they were told no. I always tell people write down the questions they are asked. We know what we know and we know what we don’t know. Be fully aware of what is asked of you by writing it down! Cause if a question stumped you, then research it! There is nothing wrong with not having the answer but there is something wrong with not discovering the answer. If we are wanting to grow as a person then sometimes that involves doing research and living and learning outside the means of an actual job.

All Stop

This is definitely something I have done, which I don’t mind doing. When I feel a interview isn’t going straight. Like I am interviewing for a position and I feel like there was some miscommunication in the pre interview or the job posting and the qualifications aren’t matching up or I feel like I am not the best candidate for the job I will fully stop the interview. I will come clean and say I don’t feel like I am the best for this position, I am sorry but I want you to have the best but I am not that person. Now why do this? Cause as I have said before I believe in transparency and when I don’t feel like I am giving my best then it makes me look bad.

Now has this helped me? Well in quite a few instances I have had the company reach out to me later for possibly another role or a contract position. Or referred me to a sister company that is needing help with my qualifications. I have been in that position where like I have said the qualifications don’t match what was posted or they wanted someone with more experience than what I could give. And I figure knowing when to stop and say “I see I need to work harder and lets stop wasting each others time. I want you to succeed and my qualifications won’t make that happen.” Honesty has been the name of the game and some developers might BS their way through but in the long run that will hurt you in my opinion.


Learning to accept rejection is a part of life. And learning to accept it in stride is something else. Don’t hold it against the company if they decide to hire someone else. Cause that will be you someday and holding ill will towards someone is a bad way to go about life. I always shake hands and want whats best for both parties, sometimes things don’t work out and we should just shake hands and move on about in life. And all in all just remember what Dory would say “just keep swimming.”


see you space cowboy…