Part 4 – Hiring Series: So you got the job.

So you got the job offer, the stars have aligned and you got the email “We would like to offer you the position.” Not so fast there are quite a number of things that one needs to consider before moving forward. Plus lets discuss the whole “imposter” syndrome as well.

The World is Yours..almost

One of the biggest things that I have seen people do, in both in the hiring process and on the other side is jump too quickly. They get the email saying they are offered the job, and email back saying yes I accept it. READ the rest of the email. And read it slowly. The company will usually send an agreement or notify you that a follow up email is coming with a contract. Now before you start telling your current company toodles. There are quite a number of things you need to read over. Such as for example when the contract comes, is it what was agreed upon? Cause there have been moments where I was offered a certain amount and the amount offered in the contract isn’t even close to what was said. If it is not then we will definitely talk about that later in the blog.

Another thing I always have to go over in the contract besides the pay are the benefits, and also the starting period. Some jobs will sometime have the start dates wrong and or will ask you if and when you can start. Now these are some things to take note cause you can’t start at the new job the next day if you have a current job. Two weeks notice is usually the normal amount of time it would take for a company to put out a notice and start hiring someone new for your current position that you will soon leave.

Take Notes & Always have it in writing

One of the things that has happened to me before is when I have been offered a position, the amount of pay in the contract was a lot less than what was offered. Now what do you do when a situation like this happens. Well a few things can happen, if you have it in writing or in an email follow up that the pay that was allowed was a certain amount with certain benefits you can definitely email and ask them about why was it a lot lower than the agreed upon amount with benefits.

What if you don’t have it in writing. This can definitely go one of two ways, since you don’t have it in writing you can’t really argue something that was done by a handshake. The company will probably reply to your message like what we offered is what we offered. Or will say its either this or nothing. Always get everything in writing, I can not stress that enough. If you are wondering how you get something in writing with a discussion. You do a follow up email with the people who are interviewing as a just of a way to jog their memory so there is something on file.

90 day contract period

When you first go into a new position with any company you have a 90 day contract period. What this essentially means is that you are going on a test room to see if you truly fit into a position and if you are who you say you are. Now some things to take note during this period, at the end of those 90 days you will be offered the position or be let go. Usually at the end of these 90 days they will start to offer you to benefits that were in your contract, like health care or start taking on stock options if they offer you that. Another thing to take note of is that your pay for that period will usually be untaxed so you will receive a base amount each month and it is up to you to remember to declare that payment on your taxes.

When To Tell Your Current Company

Now this is something that can be very delicate. Cause sometimes companies can take it the wrong way when they discover you are moving on. Well you must always have a resignation letter. Its that simple. And the reason for the two weeks noticeĀ  is because if you just up and left a company it would create some very hectic craziness for your current company. You know how you don’t like being blindsided with stuff neither should your company. You always want to leave on good terms and not on a burned bridge.

One thing I would note however is DO NOT tell your current company you are looking for a job or are interviewing for a job. If the job interview ever backfires on you, then that could lead to some awful backlash towards you and it could all blow up in your face. Now what happens if you just up and leave, in the future that could definitely hurt you especially when someone calls for references and the past employer tells your future job prospect that you ghosted someone when something else came along.

Getting over the imposter factor

The biggest question I get asked when people find new jobs is how does someone get over the imposter syndrome. Well the truth to it all, its always one of those things that is in the back of your mind. I think it always happens in the “honeymoon” phase of everything and anything. When we start a new relationship, when we meet new people, when we go through something new it is always there. I always found the best way to deal with the imposter factor is to accept it, but accept you are there cause of your skills. You are still learning the ropes and getting nested into the company.

My fellow workers always tell me about a pit in their stomach that is forming and sometimes feeling sick, I always equate this to the anxiety section of our brain. That feeling you have is telling you, that you shouldn’t be there but you should be. Trust me, you made it past the other candidates, you were chosen cause your skills and resume were better and you gave off a vibe that is good for the company. I know many have told me that they feel like they mess up once they will be fired but thats not the cast. As I said before you are still learning the ropes, and as I said before in my other blogs, if you need help you ask cause you are melding with the company.

In Closing…

Accepting a job is a big deal, its a giant leap into a new world that will definitely kick your world into high gear. I always tell people triple check that contract, make sure its what you agreed upon and make sure as you are leaving your current company you make it as smooth as you can cause they will thank you for it.

see you space cowboy…

Jason Strull