Part 5: Hiring Series – In closing and then some

After being busy for so long , I finally have some time to write my wrap up blog for my hiring series. I have gathered some much needed feedback and thoughts for my final jobs blog. Now to answer a few questions that have sprang up from the conversations I have had over the last few weeks with people searching for jobs. So lets get started…

90 Day Trial Period

Someone asked me what happens if the company wants to keep you but you don’t want to keep the company. Something doesn’t fit right, or you just aren’t happy there and just something tells you that you aren’t going to be happy there. You have every right to leave the company if you aren’t ok with working there, that is what the trial period is for, not just for the company to figure out if they want you to be there but if you want to be there as well. You are fully able to break it off with a company if let’s say the company promises you an increase in pay after 90 days then leave you with broken promises.

What usually happens at the end of the trial period is you will be pulled into a room and be given a FULL contract not just a trial contract and this is when you will discuss and get your company benefits. Now does saying no hurt the companies feelings? Yes it definitely can but if something else comes up or you wish to part ways as I said before cause you aren’t happy being there you are fully welcomed to leave at the end of your trial without penalty.

“Fake It Till You Make It”

Now this relates to the 90 day trial period. Some people will say this is the best idea when working at a company. I think this is one of the worst pieces of advice someone can tell someone about keeping a job. Why am I so against this? Cause in the tech world this is a way to damage your reputation. I often believe that a person knows what they know and know what they don’t know. And it is up to themselves to educate themselves and definitely ask for him on such projects. If someone doesn’t know agile but they know waterfall or scrum. Then they will need to educate themselves and ask for guidance on how to become a better person at it. If they are at a company and they say “yes I know this” but they are internally panicking then the company could end up finding out and realizing your lying and then could question you more about your qualifications and if you should even be at the company.

When a company asks me “do I know this framework” I will answer truthfully. or do I know how to use a system in this way, I will answer in full and honestly. Cause not all of us can get lucky like Sue Ellen from Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead.

Company Benefits?

One question that I was asked by a few people was “If I already have life insurance / retirement plan / health insurance do I need to take my companies?” This is a very good question cause if you are a freelancer that is moving back into an office and a real position, do you need to switch out plans? Truth of it all no, usually companies will pull money out of your paycheck to drop into their plans they have with the company. This would probably be something you have to clear with HR and discuss that with them, I have noticed that all that is handled by an HR person and never a team leader. They just know what the company offers and keeping your plans and benefits would involve emailing some behind the scenes workers. Now would a company ever tell you no you can’t have your own plan? I have never ever encountered this or any of my friends actually so I don’t think this will be a problem.

Another thing to note that usually at the end of your trial run is when you get all your benefits so you will probably be given the option to have the benefits added or removed from your paycheck.

In Closing…

When it comes to searching for a job, it involves many trials and many errors.  Failure is part of the learning experience ,you can’t be afraid of failure cause in order to succeed we have to fail. Often people will tell me “what if the company tells me no” then the company tells you no, learn why they said no you can’t go through life wondering what if. I would say maximize on your failures and learn from them so that eventually people will stop saying no to you. You will become an expert at shaking hands and going through the interview process. Even to this day I am still constantly interviewing. When I shake hands with new clients and meet new freelancers, we are always being interviewed.

I really hope this series has helped you out in some way, I have gotten a lot of feedback on it and this has definitely cleared up the confusion of applying for jobs. Well I will be sure to continue to do more series in the future, maybe some wordpress coding, or a guide on how I approach design and development. Anyways thank you for reading this and good luck on your careers.


see you space cowboy…