Perfectly Balanced As All Things Should Be

With another year comes a new set of experiences, with some trials and tribulations of course. I think 2018 can be summed in an idea or more of a simple word with different meanings and that is Wealth. Not material wealth but more along the lines of growth in terms of friendships, professional contacts and relationships.

Wealth isn’t always about money

When it comes to wealth, this year taught me that it isn’t always about money. Its about experiences. I know a lot of people who want to own the mega mansions, the super exotic expensive sports cars. But that idea to me kind of disappeared to me lately. Its not to me about having so many things that end up weighing you down. I think one of the things that has grown onto me is helping people. This year I started teaching the next series of developers and marketing people. Also with helping people find jobs and creating a atmosphere for people to not be afraid in. The marketing world can be tough and I feel with helping people be unafraid of it, I have helped guide quite a number of people through it. Another thing, this year became a very politically charged year for me, going to town halls, offering to help with candidates websites, going to a DNC campaign. This has been a crazy year of experiences and traveling for a little bit and meeting people in rural America was definitely nice and getting to talk to them. Cause unlike the media, these people are not that different from people in the cities.

Also having a very supporting family and friends and a gf can definitely outdo any car or mega house. That is something that I am eternally grateful for.

There is a leader in anyone…

One of the things that happened to me this year is I was appointed to a director position. In addition I have been asked to step up to several leaderships positions. Something that was told to me this year was that quite a number of people see me as someone they look up to as a developer. And something they strive for. Now that is something I never expected happening cause ya know I never saw myself as that type of person but as things go…I am glad I can be of help to people. A lot of people have been coming to depend on me, I think it is due to my honest nature on projects and giving a no BS response to work and development. I don’t lie my way through things, I know what I know and I know what I don’t know and I think a lot of people have come to realize that. I also feel like I have come to care a lot more. Like wanting everyone to succeed. Worrying about people that have been struggling and worrying about the future in general cause the last thing I want is for anyone for fail.

I always try to tell people that when it comes to the moment of stepping up to be a leader, I always think of the scene from Batman V Superman. Where Ben Affleck decides to run towards it. When it comes to being a leader you have to be that way as well. You will have to eventually face it and will need to step up.

For The Future…

This year was a lot of personal growth, it was growing as a individual. Gaining new roles, and discovering parts of myself I didn’t think I had in me. Well to the new year, to growth and as always I will see you all in a year and I thank everyone for the birthday wishes and my family and gf for the gifts. It has been a great birthday today and I look forward to the future.

See You Space Cowboy…