My Goals for 2019

With every new year, comes new goals, I decided to write a blog about what I hope to accomplish for 2019…these aren’t the usual goals like buying a house or buying something but other type of goals that are more in line with lifestyle changes.

1. Collect All My Health Data

Ever since I bought an apple watch I have felt my health improve. Being mindful of my breathing and monitoring my heart rate and always having a target goal for calories and movement and trying to not stay sitting for so long especially when being a developer calls for sitting for super long periods of time. Well with my health always needing to be monitored I talked to my doctor and they will soon start accepting apple health data. So what I plan on doing in 2019 is entering my diet. All the food and exercise, sleep, everything just so we can better understand my health as well as my vitamin intake everything will be monitored.

Now why would someone do this? Like I said, the doctor will be collecting this data and this will help doctors better understand how they are living. so instead of saying “I exercise a few times a week.” they can see if the workout is helping or if they see a trend of data that could mean something long term. I have been told from multiple doctors that this type of data collection could very well help see trend lines for diagnosing.

2.  Read a Book a Month

So humble bundle has been having some great bundles on product management, and design and coding. Personally my list of books I have read haven’t been that much in the past years cause I have been so busy with work. Personally I am trying to become a product manager that helps with making sure a product goes swimmingly along. So my plan is to read a book a month on anything, could be fiction, non fiction, product books you name it I will try to read a book a month and will be blogging about what I took away from them.

3. Slowly move towards becoming veganish

So recently I have discovered that COSTCO near me is starting to carry in bulk vegan brands and more organic brands of food as well. Cause well trying to go that route is expensive. Buying a bag at the store is like 6 patties for 5 dollars where as buying them at costco is 40 patties for 12 dollars. Also just incase you don’t know me, I am a big advocate for fighting climate change. According to The Guardian going vegan will help the planet more than buying an electric car. Now am I going to be one of those people that is like “eating meat is bad” and I am not going to go to a BBQ procaliming that all these meat eaters are bad, I see it more like hey curbing a few meals away from meat could be helpful and it won’t be that bad. Like instead of buying meat chorizo or hamburger patties we go the vegan route. Finally¬†Global Citizen has a great article on why becoming veganish can help the planet further.

Now how do my gf and I focus on eating more healthy and organic well if we see a brand or item at costco we buy a smaller bag of it at a regular store first just to try it and then if we love it we go back and buy it in bulk. Being two people who work from home has that benefit of not needing to leave the house and always being able to save gas and eat healthy

4. Launch My App

Over the past year I have been designing an app for something that I feel would work for a niche set of people. I won’t spoil what it is but its something that I start designing then usually go back to the drawing board cause the complexity of the idea can cause my design to buckle which is something that I have been trying to work through. I feel like my current idea has been flowing better so I am hoping that I will get it out the door.


My new year resolutions aren’t about becoming materialistic. I know some people focus on buying a new car, a giant home, or just something. I personally am trying to focus on lifestyle changes than being materialistic and these few things is what I was able to come to. Thank you for dropping by and be on the lookout for follow ups on future books and especially with my app if it gets launched this year.

See you space cowboy…

Tim Foster