My Top 10 Favorite Romantic Films (So Far)

Since my Halloween movies were such a big hit, I decided with Valentines being today, I decided I would do a top 10 on my favorite romantic films. Yes romantic films, these won’t just be your typical lover gets the person but more of a different kind of idea of what I look for into my romantic films. Anyways lets get started.


Probably one of the most abstract films I have seen in recent decades, To The Wonder is a film that isn’t really a film that explains itself, its more about feeling. Seeing how two characters can fall in love, drift apart and become something else entirely after a relationship has come and gone. To The Wonder focuses less on dialogue and more on the feelings that characters gain and lose throughout a relationship. This is a movie that provides discussion because of the fact that Terrance Malik focuses much more on imagery than talking to the audience. Imagine you are being shown a painting with nothing to be said about it. This is what this movie is like, you can draw your own conclusions to it and come away with something completely different from what someone else sees.

9. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Ok now this isn’t the typical boy meets girl story…its boy meets girl…boy has to fight all of her evil exes. What caught my attention on this movie wasn’t just the perfect casting but director Edgar Wrights attention to detail. The use of sound effects, dialogue, tunes, and the overall tone of the movie. This is just one of those whacky films that is fun to enjoy, even though Scott is kind of a man slut playing the field he does eventually wake up and get his head out of his butt. Also be prepared for a random Chris Evans cameo that is just all kinds of awesome.

8. (500) Days of Summer

This is probably the polar opposite of what a love movie is, but I feel that it is a very important film cause I feel it is about the false love or the false idea of love cause I am sure there has been people who miscommunicate their feelings and beliefs throughout their entire “relationship”. This film requires multiple views because you can take away different things each time you see it. I have heard different arguments from people that it is Tom’s fault or Summer’s. But I feel it can go either way, I would highly suggest this film because its about the false reality of love and I assume everyone goes through it once in their life.

7. The Big Sick

Probably the newest movie on my list of romantic movies. This movie was very near and dear, I think the reason why I enjoyed this film so much is this actually happened. It doesn’t feel like a cliched love story but how love can build through extraordinary circumstances. I loved how it just wasn’t about the characters but the families and displayed how family can put pressure on someones love life. Kumail Nanjiana and Emily V. Gordon wrote a very down to earth real story. If you haven’t seen this movie, go on amazon prime and watch it right now.

6. Beginners

Another film based on real experiences, this film is about a father played by Christopher Plummer who comes out to his son played by Ewen Mcgregor. Now this isn’t just a coming out story but a story about a man discovering himself and his relationship with his son with the short time he has left. What makes this good to me is the communication between father and son and this new found openness that lands and the trouble that Ewen Mcgregors character goes through with a girl played by the wonderful Melanie Laurent. This quirky film is one that tries a few things different and knowing its based on someones life definitely adds some flavor to this film. I highly suggest it for everyone to see at least once.


5. UP

How could any romantic movie list not include the Pixar classic Up. Up sets up probably one of the best stories of love found and love lost in the first 10 minutes without a lick of dialogue. I remember seeing this in theaters and just being utterly destroyed. But this is only the beginning of the movie. The rest of the film is about a man’s love and fulfillment to remember his wife and discovering himself again in the process. I also felt that this movie says isn’t just about one adventure but the adventure we take our loved one on as well.


Another Pixar classic and my favorite Pixar film, WALL-E was always about boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy finds plant and sets off a chain of events that take Wall-E on an epic adventure. This is probably one of my favorite animated films cause uses that boy meets girl formula but focuses on the less is more approach. There isn’t much in terms of dialogue but through character interactions and motivations. Its a simple film with a lot of depth.

3. Lost in Translation

Lost in translation is one of those films that lingered in me for days. The way Bill Murry and Scarlett Johansson work in tandem and the chemistry between them is beyond perfect. I always found this film to be not about love, but loneliness in love and the bond we can share with people during those times of loneliness. Sometimes its not about a relationship per say but having someone to speak with the issues about each others lives and how these moments can help us in the future.


2. Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom is probably my favorite film by Wes Anderson, this very original film to say the least captures that idea of running away with someone at a young age. These two young characters Suzy and Sam are defined by how they meet and the journey they go through to stay together. And in typical Wes Anderson fashion, the storytelling, dialogue and cinematography definitely helps make this story very heartwarming. Plus also seeing Edward Norton and Bruce Willis play G rated characters not dropping any language and refusing to get mad is just something to behold.


Not to be confused with the movie Sideways, Sidewalls is about two people who are perfect for each other but have never met. I hold this movie very near and dear, cause of how realistic it is in how we could very much pass the perfect person on the street and meet them sometime later in life. This movie isn’t about them meeting but their life before they meet and the trials and tribulations they go through before they even share a moment together. Just a word to the wise, this is a foreign film and you will be doing a lot of reading but it is so worth it.

In closing

I bet this isn’t what you were expecting. probably thought I was going to put something like 10 things I hate about you or When Harry Met Sally. But nope, these are the films that stuck with me throughout all the many films I have seen. And even all the romantic films I have seen I have felt that these ten were the most believeable. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my list and until next time.

see you space cowboy…