My Top 10 Marvel Movie Moments (So Far)

With Endgame coming out this week, I thought I would discuss my top 10 favorite Marvel movie moments. I will only be sticking to the movies within the main MCU, so no Fox owned properties or the TV shows and I will try to leave 1 moment from each movie if I can. ALSO SPOILERS AHEAD.

10. Puny God

Yup this needed to be on the list. Just because

9. I’m so proud of You

Captain Marvel was a trip through the 90’s and I loved every moment of it. From the references, to the few twists and turns that there. I would have to say this moment stood out to me cause it did something the other marvel movies haven’t done. We see Jude Law telling Captain Marvel this monologue that villains do before the big bad fight, but then Captain Marvel was having none of it and just blasts him into the side of a mountain. I loved it cause it caught me guard and I loved how captain marvel was like nah I’m good. She doesn’t need to not use her powers and didn’t need to prove anything to Jude Law’s character.

8. The Elevator Scene

The Elevator scene for me was very important, cause in the first Captain America film we see him fighting for America’s ideals but in this film, we see how he starts to question SHIELD and what they are doing. As the scene progresses on we see more and more soldiers coming in and Steve realizes that the country he swore to protect is slowly turning against him. It is one of those moments where we see the internal conflict happening that will lead this Captain America head down a different path than the one he is going down in The Avengers and the first Captain America. And yes even though his shield doesn’t obey the laws of physics at all. It is still quite cool to see him take down a SHIELD jet by himself.

7. Avengers Assemble

Now how can we not have the first moment the original team is together. This was the moment we were all looking forward to when this idea was announced with Iron Man and leading up through the rest of the films is how is every super hero going to meet and when is the full team up going to happen. Its a HUGE pay off that hits that spine tingling moment seeing them working together finally, cause in the film they don’t really work well together until they really needed to.

6. Lifting Thor’s Hammer

This scene was probably one of my favorite moments in Age of Ultron cause it showed our team of super heroes just relaxing and enjoying themselves. But it also played into something that I didn’t think about till after the movie was over. Which related to just how honorable each character is. Yes it was funny seeing Steve nearly lift Thor’s hammer and slightly nudging it causing Thor to have a slight panic attack in his face. But then I wondered why Steve couldn’t lift it and that wasn’t answered till later in the movie. So it was quite interesting how such a casual scene could have a lot of depth.

5. What…

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 probably had one of the most epic gut punches cause we are led to believe that Quill’s mom died from natural causes. But when Quill is talking with Ego and Ego tells him that he planted the cancer that killed her. You could feel the entire theater change and Quill’s reaction mirrored everyone’s reaction in the theater. I am sure we all have believed that some people have had good intentions until their true selfs are shown off to us. This was definitely a heartfelt moment cause in the first film we learn how much seeing Quill’s mom die was for him and when he discovers the truth you can tell that really did have an impact on him. Also the random Hasselhoff was a real did they just really do that.

4. Meeting The Dad

Now one of the biggest surprises I didn’t see coming was the dad talk scene in Spider Man Homecoming. I think Vulture was one of the best MCU villains cause he isn’t doing anything for evil, or greed in a sense. He is just trying to fly under the radar and give his family a good life. We don’t get this full understanding of him until he comes face to face with our hero taking his daughter out to prom. This is where we get a sense of who he really is and how we can all relate to him and I have to give kudus to Michael Keaton for his great performance as a “Dad” in this scene. He comes off as a very down to earth dad but as the scene moves forward we see that darkness in him creeping in and the tension between the characters building and building as Vulture puts 2 and 2 together and slowly figures out that Spider Man is taking his daughter to prom.

3. Tony Finds Out The Truth

During the movie Civil War, we get that tony is trying to hold back, not trying to hurt anyone cause in the airport fight scene it seems like each of the heroes is playing it very safe and trying to be tough but not too tough which is akin to siblings fighting. It isn’t until that Tony finds out the truth about what happened to his parents that we see him just go off. He is out for blood and just seeing Tony’s facial expression change during this moment and finding out that Captain knew all along is enough more of a punch to the gut moment. The truth was teased in The Winter Soldier for a blink and your miss it moment. But seeing Tony just go after The Winter Soldier and not hold back from Either Steve or Bucky. I remember feeling in this scene that I wanted them to stop fighting cause its seeing this group of friends just lose everything to a secret that was held from him.


Did you really think this wouldn’t be in the Top 5? The snap that leads to the decimation and wipes out half of the universe. We always see the heroes  win in the nick of time or barely but this time we don’t and the loss is something big. We see our heroes disappear and turn to dust before our very eyes. It is just this condition that has stuck with us in every single marvel movie. And when we think Thor has won and got Thanos he is still able to snap his fingers and complete his goal. Seeing our beloved heroes reaction tells it all, the confusion, the horror and the shock. From the fear in Drax’s voice to the panic when Spider Man dies to just Steve sitting there not knowing what to do. This scene with zero musical score just weighed so heavy on the audience and the weight of it all as we all sat there in shock. I will remember that as the scene plays out the audience didn’t react, and was quiet it was akin to a funeral. No one said anything and we were all just shook.

1. “I am Iron Man”

Probably the one that tops it all, when going into this film it kind of reminded me of Batman Begins, Tony is stick out with people and learns a lot about himself. We see him stop the bad guys and in the end he has SHIELD help him try to keep everything on the down low cause as we saw in Captain Marvel they are trying to keep the heroes hidden for the moment. But in true Tony Stark fashion his ego doesn’t allow himself to stick to the official statement and thus this lays out the rest of the MCU and this is where it definitely split apart from being a typical super hero film cause now the world knows.


After 10 years of movies and a journey that has spanned so many movies and many theater tickets and alamo drafthouse glasses. This sunday I will be seeing the final Avengers film with the original team and I am quite excited to see where it all goes next. So to my readers I will see you on the other side.